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Thread: The Lost Dogs on Route 66

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The Lost Dogs on Route 66 07-09-2008 02:46 Forum: General Discussion

An American Band on The American Road

Michael Roe, Terry Scott Taylor, Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong are The Lost Dogs. The super group is best known for their beautiful three-part harmony, guitar expertise, and easy, down-to-earth, crowd-pleasing banter that reflects their individual, yet highly complimentary, personalities.

Over the past thirty years, these veteran travelers, who are counted among the best musicians in the business, have separately and collectively performed innumerable concerts throughout America and Europe. Since the formation of The Lost Dogs in 1992, they have joined forces to produce nine critically acclaimed albums of Americana-style music, while continuing with their individual musical endeavors.

Taking a cue from lyrics penned for the title song off their debut album, the Lost Dogs will once again be taking the ‘Scenic Routes’. September will find them traversing The Mother Road in a pursuit to rediscover an America gone but not forgotten, which now seems more alive in the imagination than reality. More than just an itching of four aging and wandering spirits, the journey they take will be a search for artistic inspiration along America’s most iconic highway.

Whether sharing a cup of joe with a stranger at Dixie Truckers Home or playing for tips on a street corner in Santa Fe their adventures will be captured in film and songs written on the road then recorded and released as their next studio album with an accompanying documentary of their journey. Emphasis will be placed on their various encounters and interviews with the uniquely fascinating people found along Route 66. The band will travel by RV and trade in the comforts of three star hotels for the simple pleasure of a campfire shared with friends.

In true Lost Dogs style they are offering fans several unusual opportunities to participate in the experience with them. A GPS unit, provided by BrickHouse Security, will allow fans to go online and watch the bands every move in real-time or even get in their cars, come out and travel along with them for a few miles. Video blogs will be posted on their website so fans can watch as their experiences are transformed into a musical narrative of the Mother Road.

Fans will also be afforded the chance to get involved with several tour support opportunities. From donating money to have their names included in the credit roll of the DVD, to purchasing items from the tour including the Waterstone guitars the band will use while on the road. The tour will end with a beach party at the Santa Monica pier, where the band will share new songs and clips from the road.

Come join the Dogs lost on Route 66 as the journey becomes the music.

September 12-27, 2008



Management: Linda A. Miller Linda@lamconcerts.com

Production by: Take 2 Productions Beth@take2productions.net

Guitars provided by: Waterstone Guitars www.waterstoneguitars.com

GPS services by: BrickHouse Security www.brickhousesecurity.com

For more information or to help with tour support you can go to the Lost Dogs website or their myspace. The boys are very excited about this project finally coming to life but they need your help to make it happen. They'll be posting video blogs beginning in early September about the tour and will have new vlogs as they head down the road from Chicago to the Pacific.

If you'd like to come out and visit them on the road they will be traveling in this Tioga RV, California License 5dcp997:

Beth Jahnsen
Take 2 Productions
Showing posts 1 to 1 of 1 results

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