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Thread: Nice Update to the Home Page

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03-01-2007 22:48 Forum: General Discussion

I'm catching the Vox Humana cover art. Nice! Must be a "random" graphic generator....


Thread: 77's DVD news update

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07-15-2006 20:36 Forum: General Discussion

I had a friend pick the DVD up for us at Cornerstone. It is awesome.

My wife was also at the Ichtus '85 77s show (she was somewhere to the right of the stage, and unfortunately was not visible in the footage provided).

With all the different video cameras rolling, the live bootleg footage, all edited together, had the feel of a decent three-camera setup. The sound quality was a lot better than I expected, too.

I still haven't watched it all, but I'm very impressed with what I have seen. I even liked "A Different Kind of Light", with the accompanying Pat Boone/Gospel Gold promo (yikes!).

Now "This is the Way Love Is" is stuck in my mind, on heavy rotation. "it's a one-sided, double-minded mirror with no reflection..."

Peace (except for the tune playing in my head),

Thread: Complain

Replies: 24
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05-31-2006 22:40 Forum: General Discussion

I hang out on the SaviourMachine.com forum as well, and most of those kids have never heard of DA. I'm trying to educate them...


Thread: Reviews Wanted!

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RE: Reviews Wanted! 05-28-2006 14:45 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

I would have forwarded my reviews, but you have apparently found them already. I have somehow landed alongside the likes of CCM, HM, Harvest Rock Syndiate and Notebored reviews. I'm most grateful for the inclusion, too.



Jeff (Bradshaw)
Showing posts 1 to 4 of 4 results

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