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Thread: Theo and AAR a history
Kris Kringle

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Bump 06-13-2005 23:12 Forum: General Discussion

An early Xmas gift
Thread: Dec 6th Alert!
Kris Kringle

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My dearest gum drop 11-14-2003 18:11 Forum: General Discussion

First of all, I will do both physically and in spirit what each and every one can do this entire HolyDay season, I will drift through church buildings, crowds on the street, shopping malls (all over the world) and any desolate spot I can find with the spirit of the Christ-Child (the Krista Kinder). So on that account I will join you!

Second of all, I'm not in the NEW CAR business, but I will influence those around you all that I am able. Anything for the DAmb'd Gum-drop QUEEN! Be blessed my little woggums. Be blessed. The real Krista Kinder is always near and loves you very much!

Thread: Dec 6th Alert!
Kris Kringle

Replies: 29
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I heard that! 11-13-2003 22:46 Forum: General Discussion

theo! theo! you know i know these things! sigh...

I'm ordering mine right now--stocking stuffers and all, you know.

woggy? Wink How are you dear? You needn't apologize for being my favorite on the DAmb!

Have you thought about what you'd like for Christmas this year, my little gum-drop?
Thread: Canadian Gig For AAR
Kris Kringle

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I believe I will attend this one 09-15-2003 17:51 Forum: General Discussion

I don't understand the "thongs" part. However, I once saw a pair of WWJD panties. Hmmm...? ahh well... Ho, ho, ho!
Thread: Complaining:
Kris Kringle

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On behalf of RPeters 07-15-2003 21:16 Forum: General Discussion

TO, this is one beautiful project. From the incredible music, to the amazing packaging, to the great liner notes, to the awesome purpose of the project.....I can't say enough good things!! I'll definately be telling my friends & relatives about this! And I love what Theo did with his song -- big difference from the "Suffer The Children" EP (and *that* was amazing). I like this version that much more.

Kudos all the way around. Theo should be proud of his "baby". I am happy also to see TST give a special thanks to Jeff Elbel.
Thread: A huge delivery
Kris Kringle

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Did you get this? 06-12-2003 12:08 Forum: General Discussion



The long, long wait is finally over. The new Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor
installment is now shipping. Very soon, the Radio Players will be
visiting your mailbox and your disc player. As earlier mentioned,
you'll find that you got a 2 for 1 special -- our way of saying sorry
for the wait and thanks for your patience. Those of you also expecting
DA, Roe and 77's related fan club releases will find them packaged
with your Radio Players.


For your further listening pleasure, Terry Scott Taylor (solo and with
the Lost Dogs) has been prominently featured on the new Andy's Angels'
Records cystic fibrosis benefit compilation, "Come As a Child (or Not at
All)." Conceived by Theo Obrastoff as a tribute to his dear departed
son, Andrew, the project was designed to raise public awareness of the
disease for cystic fibrosis research and fundraising. Produced and
compiled by Terry Scott Taylor, the disc features many new and newly
re-recorded Terry Scott Taylor tunes, including "Let There Be Angels,"
"Loved and Forgiven," Sins of the Fathers," "Light Princess," "Noel,"
"Lovely Lilly Lou," "The Afternoon," and "A Song of Innocence." All
newly re-recorded songs have been especially recorded by Terry Taylor
and Rob Watson for this project.

The disc also features a 16 page insert and new and newly re-recorded
songs by Terry Taylor, Theo Obrastoff, the Lost Dogs, Randy Stonehill,
Mike Knott, Riki Michele, the Choir and Derri Daugherty. Available July
2, 3003, at the Cornerstone Warm & Filled booth and on-line at
www.danielamos.com. Please note that all on line orders will not be
able to be filled until our return from Cornerstone on Sunday, July 6.
Also available in early July at www.andysangelsrecords.com.

We hope to see you at Cornerstone this year, if not there, then perhaps
your backyard. Stay tuned for details...


As many of you already know, we have been experiencing some major
problems with packages being shipped outside of the U.S. Many packages
have been taking several weeks to arrive, and some had to be reshipped
multiple times before they would finally arrive at their destinations. The
majority of these problems were eventually traced back to the company
that had been shipping our international orders for us. We are pleased to
announce that within days we will be printing our own international postage
and will no longer have a need for an outside shipping company for these
orders. This should make our service to customers oustide of the U.S.
faster and more reliable.

Jonathan T. Feavel (JT)
Feavel Law Office and
Warm & Filled Artist Management
325 Busseron Street
Vincennes, IN 47591
812.886.9230 (phone)
812.886.9161 (fax)
Thread: Times & Epochs
Kris Kringle

Replies: 50
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Mark, 05-04-2003 12:29 Forum: General Discussion

Didn't you forget to add:
"And have a nice day" Confused
Thread: Audiori question
Kris Kringle

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Audiori question 03-27-2003 11:53 Forum: General Discussion

Has there ever been an attempt to compile a TST anthology in the form of a music book for guitar/vocal?
Thread: "3-6am". some reflections
Kris Kringle

Replies: 20
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I get it 02-15-2003 19:27 Forum: General Discussion

"Big sigh for you, (cries) breaks the wind"
Thread: "3-6am". some reflections
Kris Kringle

Replies: 20
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Well put... 02-13-2003 22:03 Forum: General Discussion

Well put, Mr. Berlin. Are they cheaper by the doz.?
Thread: hey audioris
Kris Kringle

Replies: 13
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Wa-ha-haaat? 02-13-2003 22:02 Forum: General Discussion

Confession time, Mr. Berlin?
Thread: It's time...
Kris Kringle

Replies: 31
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Anything 12-16-2002 11:31 Forum: General Discussion

As I said, ask for anything you desire. And no stealing lines from Groundhog Day!! Wink
Thread: It's time...
Kris Kringle

Replies: 31
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It's time... 12-16-2002 01:20 Forum: General Discussion

Hi Kids!
Well, it's that time of year and some of you haven't written me your wish list yet.
What is it you desire most for Christ's Mass this year?

Last year I did my best! Woggy? I know I didn't come totally through for you, but I think you're doing fairly well. Yes?

Bless you all! Bring on the lists!!!

Thread: Woggy rocks
Kris Kringle

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Woggy, dear... 10-21-2002 14:29 Forum: General Discussion

Didn't we go through this last year, my dear? Once again, I'll see what I can do, but be patient. Some of my department store helpers are reporting that you're taking up a great deal of lap time--to the frustration of youngsters everywhere. Be assured, I know your requests. Now give my helpers a break. K? Big Grin
Much love, Woggy!
Thread: Woggy rocks
Kris Kringle

Replies: 22
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Woggy? 10-21-2002 10:18 Forum: General Discussion

She's been a very good girl this year!
Thread: Terry's Top Five
Kris Kringle

Replies: 21
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ummm.... 10-04-2002 18:20 Forum: General Discussion

Re: Can we cut the xmas chit-chat

no Big Grin
Thread: It's Christmas time already?
Kris Kringle

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arctic? 10-04-2002 10:18 Forum: General Discussion

Arctic? Do I perceive a humbug? A Scrooge?

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! "We need a little Christmas, right this very instant..." Heh, heh, heh! Ho, ho, ho!

Ahem... Red Face
Thread: It's Christmas time already?
Kris Kringle

Replies: 19
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Presently? 10-03-2002 13:15 Forum: General Discussion

Presently, I am watching a compilation video of the best from 15 years of Bing Crosby TV specials. This includes the Little Drummer Boy with David Bowie. Just me and one little elf hanging loose at the NP and watching the tube.
Thread: It's Christmas time already?
Kris Kringle

Replies: 19
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All the time 10-03-2002 11:22 Forum: General Discussion

I listen all year 'round, as well as pop in yuletide movies throughout the year. A friend recently mentioned that he wondered at how Christmas songs are not used round the calendar in our worship services--eventhough it is an important portion of the Good Report. Always puzzled me too.
Season's Greetings!
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