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Thread: whats DAs best CLOSING track?

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Closing Tracks 09-11-2004 02:08 Forum: General Discussion

As much as I love "Sanctuary" (and I REALLY love that song)

I think "Stone Away" is a great closing track.

But I think the best one in all of the TST/DA/SE/LD library is "Soon!"

(Keeping in mind that "Pretentious Poetry Readings" isn't really a closing song, which I presume is what the questions was talking about in the first place.)
Thread: TST Interview

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RE: TST Interview 07-25-2004 03:57 Forum: General Discussion

We've been deling with a number of losses in our family this year.

Thank you very much for this post.
Thread: How did you find DA?

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07-25-2004 02:52 Forum: General Discussion

I was a Freshman at the University of Georgia (1990) and there was a guy living in the dorm who was an aspiring youth minister. His big thing was reaching youth through music. So, he & I listened to a lot of "Christian Rock" and he introduced me to DA from "Daniel Amos" up to "Outdoor Elvis".

(I guess I was saved that year, although I'd had previous church experiences.)

I don't remember which album I listened to first, but he was really cool and copied a ton of music over to tape for me, while I slowly worked on tracking down on CD for my own collection.

My roomate, who thought Rich Mullins hung the moon really let DA get under his skin. It was pretty funny.

I quickly began scouring the used record stores off campus. It was always great finding DA at the used stores, because I was always broke. I know I found Kalhoun, Miracle Faith Telethon, and others this way.

Later, I ended up working at a Christian Bookstore and taking advantage of the music distribution system. The stores would have instore demos set up, stores could purchase demo CDs.

Well, by 1994, albums like "Let's Spin" and "Fearful Symmetry" were long out of print on CD, but the distributors still had some of the in store demo CD's in stock. So, my boss was really cool and ordered the discs at 50% off, then let me buy them from him.

I've only seen Terry perform once: at GMA in Nashville in 1994. The Lost Dogs played at a VERY small venue. So, that was a cool experience.

The biggest let down is that the Dogs played in Atlanta in June, and I didn't know about it until the day after the show when I stumbed upon DA.com. Bummer.

Hopefully, they'll be back soon.
Showing posts 1 to 3 of 3 results

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