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Thread: Vinyl Solutions

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Vinyl Solutions 06-22-2013 13:24 Forum: General Discussion

Just wanted to say, that as a collector and life-long fan, I currently have multiple copies of everything DA has ever put out on vinyl. Ok fine, other than the limited EP version of Horrendous Disc on 10" swirly-colored vinyl. From 'Daniel Amos' to 'Darn Floor' to a weird Swirling Eddies/Mike Stand split 12" single I found in Pittsburgh. Point being, I can't wait to not only hear the new record, but to hold a nice, huge vinyl copy in my hands...

I was also wondering what any of you may recommend as far as record players. I have a decently functioning early 80's restored Sears brand record player/dual cassette deck/8-track(!) console that plays 33, 45, & 78. Found this restored beast in a vintage shop in Oregon for $75. I have been looking for a new system that won't break the bank, but I also don't want the Crosley type new portable players with their tinny single speakers and zero EQ. Any feedback would be much appreciated!
Showing posts 1 to 1 of 1 results

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