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Thread: How did you "discover" DA?

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RE: How did you "discover" DA? 12-01-2008 00:52 Forum: General Discussion

Wow. I feel like an old timer.

I first discovered Daniel Amos from listening to a friends copy of their "Shotgun Angel" album in 1977. I was hooked immediately, and have been a fan ever since.

I saw them in concert for the first time at a Calvary Chapel in California, (don't remember the city) in 1980 (IIRC) just after Horrendous Disk came out. Place was packed.

Saw them several times through High School (class of '84) in various places and every year at Disney Land.

I've always marked the various phases of my life by the DA music of the time.

Starting HS, Alarma. Going into the USAF, Doppleganger. Got married/first house, Kalhoun. Kids, new job house and move to another state, Songs from The Heart and Mr. Buechner's Dream.

The music of each album bring back the feelings of those times.

Daniel Amos music has been a part of nearly every event in my life. Kid of a sound track for my memories.
Showing posts 1 to 1 of 1 results

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