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Posted by worldwide on 03-21-2005 at15:17:

  Worldwide Part I: A Gene Eugene Tribute by Adam Again

The coffee is on and the songs continue to play, each lyric triggering a
different memory for me, as silly as it sounds the ball cap on backward
to honor our man Gene, maybe a moment in my own spiritual journey, perhaps
one of the rare cherished moments I was fortunate enough to spend a little
bit of time with Gene, lingering thoughts of a live show with Gene & Knott,
AA or The Dogs, my two road trips to the Green Room, or indeed one of the
many great Adam Again stories from my friend Greg Lawless who was gracious
enough to introduce me to Gene and begin this long winding documentary project
we call "Worldwide".

In my time zone, this long day that marks the 5th year of Gene's departure
has not ended. The impression Gene and his music left on both me and my
wife Lorrie is unparalled. Our first trip to the Green Room in 97', meeting
Knott, Taylor and others in the Green Room crew, our then 2 year old son
Evan in tow, me being the over zealous fan boy, Lorrie being just knowledgable
enough and bold enough to catch Gene off guard and rib him about getting
married again and ever desiring to have kids as Evan danced around in circles
in the front yard of the Green Room. Gene's kind hearted, humble, revealing
response,something to the effect of " yeah I'd like to get married again,
have some kids one day, be a father, but with the life I lead it's just
so hard". Gene treated my family and I with great respect and care, I always
remember that so vividly. Our second child a daughter, we named Charlotte
Perfecta as a tip of the hat. One to note that children are God's perfect
gift, 2 to thank Gene for an amazing record.

The reason for the mass emailing / posting is to share with fellow fans
an update on the Gene doc project. So many of you have inquired, been patient,
and encouraging to me and my little production studio Eden Z Film & Video.
When we originally began working with Gene in 97', the planned project was
altogether different from what it is becoming. We collaborated with Gene
and AA on a very low fi, documentary consisting of Super 8 Film & Hi 8 video
footage. The content was to cover CStone 97' Rehearsals in Oregon, The CStone
Live Show, and recording of new AA songs at the Green Room with a rare opportunity
to see some of the behind the musicians of AA, which was somewhat of a mystery
until that point. Gene had informed us that music use was no problem as
he owned it all, rights, licensing etc. Over the next few years things got
put on the back burner as you all know Gene was in high demand for his studio
skills, and all around immense talent in the music industry. We had shot
footage of the Rehearsal, Skeletons of new songs at the GR, Using bootleg
video of CStone Show, Interviews with Gene & Greg, intentions of another
GR Recording session, then the opportunity arose to book Mike Knott with
Gene and Greg for a couple of Northwest Shows. Gene & Greg only did 2 songs,
but that was indeed captured on video and marks the last time Gene & his
longtime friend and songwriting partner Greg Lawless played togehter.

Of course the impossible happens and out of respect for Gene the direction
of the project completely changes. We shoot the C2K Tribute with 4 Digital
Cameras, M8 is there for audio support (though I am not sure you could really
call it support) We shoot interviews at CStone, Adam Again rehearsing in
Nashville, and another trip to the Green Room in autumn of 2000 to interview
up to 40 or so of Gene's closest friends and collaborators. The Fabulous
Green Room which is now disappearing into musical history, could have had
a doc produced on that place alone as it was an amazing musical hub, every
artist that ever made a worhtwhile statement laying down songs with Gene.
Gene gave so much of him self to other people. No one really knows I think,
how much he impacted other artists with his passion for quality art. Thus
Worldwide: The Life & Music of Gene Eugene Andrusco was born. We began editing
a rough cut in 2002, after learning of Gene's selling all of his music catalog
to KMG just months before his passing, this caused major financial hurdles
for the project as it was all out of Eden Z's pocket to date, at the tune
of around $10,000. Now mind you this is before KMG's music use quote of
$50 - $500 per song on the Worldwide doc. So we became very gun shy after
attempting to negotiate with KMG. That negotiation is recently re-opened
but completely unresolved at this writing.

However, in an effort to follow our passion for Gene's musical legacy, we
are pressing on with the post-production of the first installment of a two
part DVD Documentary. Now the heart of my email is the following:

RELEASE DATE: June 30th, 2005

WORKING TITLE: Worldwide Part I: A Gene Eugene Tribute by Adam Again

FEATURING: Greg Lawless, Jon Knox, Riki Michele, Paul Valadez, Dan Michaels,
Steve Hindalong, Ojo Taylor, Andrew Prickett, Karin Bergquist, Mike Roe,
Derri Daugherty, Michael Knott, Terry Taylor & Sim Wilson.

CONTENT: Adam Again Nashville Rehearsals for the Tribute, Interviews with
all the Tribute Players, The Cornerstone 2000 Tribute Show, Hotel Rehearsals
with Adam Again, Knott & Roe, a very special solo acoustic performance of
"I Can't Say Goodbye" by Terry Taylor @ the Fabulous Green Room, and the
candid mini film Tribute Encore of "River on Fire"

DVD: Full color on disc printing, packaging, shrink wrap etc. First run
will be between 300 - 500. If pre-sales are optimistic we will do a larger
quantity run.

POSTERS: First 25 pre-orders receive the last of the C2K Gene Eugene Tribute

POSTERS: We also have about 50 of the Worldwide: The Life & Music of Gene
Eugene Andrusco posters printed for the Flickerings Rough Cut Screening.
Those sell for a $5 add on. Eventually we will post the poster designs on
one of the lists for your viewing pleasure.

DVD: WORLDWIDE Part I: A Gene Eugene Tribute by Adam Again $25.00 (Includes

PRE-ORDERS: We are taking pre-orders as a means to raise money for the KMG
business of using songs to continue to press on with the post-production
of Worldwide Part II: The Life & Music of Gene Eugene Andrusco. This will
be where we delve into the history of Adam Again with early music, some
unreleased material, hundreds of photos, interviews with too many too list
right now, AA recording at the Green Room during the DIG sessions and in
97', Tons of AA and some Lost Dogs footage, Gene's life story in it's purest
form and so much more to come. Release date is unkown for now as we feel
out the response from Part I.

INQUIRIES / ORDERS: Send checks or visa / mastercard to: Eden Z Film & Video
PO Box 8457
Coburg, OR 97408
CONTACT: Todd Zeller 541.463.9633
WEB: www.edenzfilms.com
EMAIL: worldwide@edenzfilms.com
NOTE: We will eventually set up Pay Pal, please limit the emails and phone
calls to strictly business as it is really hard to get back to every one
in a timely manner. Also in the next month or so we should have the revised
web site with a Production Journal up that will show clips of the project
in the works.

FUTURE RELEASES: Michael Knott Live & Acoustic with Gene Eugene & Greg Lawless,
Five O'clock People: In The Bleak Mid-Winter Live @ The Hollywood Theatre,

Final thoughts, we, being Greg Lawless & myself would really like to develop
a cool Adam Again website to keep the legend of AA & Gene alive and well,
a community to continue to share thoughts on Gene, unseen photos, and the
like. If we have any takers on designing and maintaining the site please
contact me directly.

Please continue to pray for the Gene Projects to fully come to fruition.
Gene deserves it and we the fans deserve to have these various projects
see the light of day.

May Christs Blessings be on you & yours and especially those who loved Gene
the most, his family and many, many friends.

Thanks for listening.
Todd A. Zeller
Eden Z Film & Video

Posted by dorfsmith on 03-21-2005 at16:15:



Posted by Mountain Fan on 03-22-2005 at09:00:


Thanks for your investment. Smile ) God moves our hearts to accomplish His work and purposes.

Please keep us updated on release date and PayPal availability. Due to our pending move, we don't want to order unless we are sure we can get it at the old address so we may wait and order at our new address.

Posted by anne on 03-31-2005 at18:48:

Thumb Up! thanks

i'm so glad to hear that these projects are continuing to progress.

you should announce this over at northernrecords, too; i know there are people at that board who would be interested in this update. (i would post it myself, but nobody reads my posts)

Posted by dennis on 03-31-2005 at18:54:

Thumb Up!

Holy Sh*t! It's anne! Cool

I thought you were gone for good! Shocked

Yeah!!!!! Pleased

Posted by DaLe on 03-31-2005 at19:01:

  RE: thanks

Originally posted by anne
i'm so glad to hear that these projects are continuing to progress.

you should announce this over at northernrecords, too; i know there are people at that board who would be interested in this update. (i would post it myself, but nobody reads my posts)

we read your post HeRe Cool

Posted by joey on 03-31-2005 at19:05:

Thumb Up! RE: thanks

Originally posted by DaLe
Originally posted by anne
i'm so glad to hear that these projects are continuing to progress.

you should announce this over at northernrecords, too; i know there are people at that board who would be interested in this update. (i would post it myself, but nobody reads my posts)

we read your post HeRe Cool

yes, since they are pretty rare.... but always good. Smile )

Posted by dennis on 03-31-2005 at19:34:

  In best hank hill voice:


Posted by jiminy on 03-31-2005 at20:53:


(Oh my Favre..)
ITS ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Eleanor on 03-31-2005 at21:04:



it's Anne Cool

Hi Anne Smile

(what the faith)

Posted by anne on 03-31-2005 at21:31:

Big Grin

oh no! i've hijacked Todd's thread! *gasp*

maybe i should start a new one

and i did!

Posted by wes berlin on 03-31-2005 at21:42:


whatever.....either way it's good to have you back. Pleased

Posted by Ron E on 03-31-2005 at21:45:


Yeah, what are you up to?

Posted by peawinkel on 06-29-2005 at11:52:


Is this still being released tomorrow?

Posted by Dr Rich on 06-29-2005 at16:20:


Shocked Confused

Posted by joey on 06-29-2005 at17:01:


Originally posted by peawinkel
Is this still being released tomorrow?

well? Confused
and is this just at c-stone? when can i order online?
gene is my second favourite lyricist after tst, i have to have this...... Cool

Posted by Mountain Fan on 06-29-2005 at19:41:


Yes, enquiring minds want to know! Smile

Posted by brdhsnyrsoul on 07-04-2005 at03:24:


No new web-site yet - I'm very interested in this. I hope it comes out soon.

Posted by Mountain Fan on 07-19-2005 at08:05:

  from email yesterday ...

So sorry if you received this more than once, we are weeding out old and duplicate emails on our list.

Worldwide Part I: A Tribute to Gene Eugene by Adam Again

Greetings, and here is a production update on the release. As you know we are indeed running behind schedule. My Grandfather in California passed away recently, so, many trips back and fourth from Oregon. Not to mention the usual summer onslaught of video jobs that keep us in business. As of this writing we have only had about 15 Paid Pre Orders come in, which I know can get better, I should note that many of you have inquired about Pay Pal and general inquiries on the projects progress, so I am certain we will indeed have more Pre-Orders slowly trickle in. And yes we will be updating the Eden Z Site very soon to accomodate orders. Again our apologies for delays.

There have been some changes in our Marketing Plans, changes for the better. Please go visit the new Official Adam Again Website @ www.adamagain.com and sign up for the email list there. When it launches later this summer, we promise it will be a musical journey you are sure to enjoy. Thanks to Matt Steele at Steele Web Development for his visual articulation and all around great design. www.steelewebdev.com

There will be video updates there soon, as well as more info over at www.edenzfilms.com. Thanks for your continued support and patience as we continue to edit the project with plans of a late summer /early fall release.

Please again note that this is only Worldwide Part I: A Tribute To Gene Eugene By Adam Again, based on sales low or high, ok low, we all know that, this will hopefully help us reach final negotiations with KMG and Licensing Gene's music for Worldwide Part II: The Life & Music of Gene Eugene Andrusco. We will continue to take Pre Orders, and will confirm receipt with those that have come in via email shortly, however, if you have paid do not fret if you have not heard back from Eden Z just yet, if you have'nt noticed. WE MOVE SLOW.

The Earth Is Hard The Treasure Fine by Gene Eugene
Todd Zeller
Eden Z Film & Video

Take a look at the 2002 version of The Worldwide Poster....ahhh all of the false starts.. Enjoy. This is of course a low res version.

"the future is indestructible..." Eric Balmer / Plankeye
Todd A. Zeller
Eden Z Film & Video
Voice / Fax 541.463.9633

Post: P.O. Box 8457 Coburg, OR 97408
Studio: 32670 E. Mill Street Coburg, OR 97408

Posted by peawinkel on 09-29-2005 at10:57:

  What's The Latest?

Any update on this yet?
The AA website is still on the launching pad.
What # are we on in the countdown to blastoff?
How close are we to this release?

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