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Posted by Carman on 08-01-2005 at17:15:

Thumb Down!

i met ted nugent once......
he wasn't very nice to me! Mad

Posted by MarkyMark77 on 01-25-2008 at10:12:



Any possibility that the series might come out on DVD? I thought it was good, and I'm sure Terry might get some kind of royalties from it.

Posted by wes berlin on 02-16-2008 at20:29:


i guess anything is possible....but the magic question is who owns the stuff. i think it's nickelodeon. so, my understanding of such legal things is that if nickelodeon owns the whole enchilada then rob and terry would get "writers" royalties...if that. it all depends on the contract terry signed.

Posted by audiori on 02-16-2008 at21:18:


Last I heard, Nick has a pretty tight grip on it. We wanted to include a trailer or commercial for Catscratch on "the Making of Buechners" DVD and we couldn't even get the rights to do that.

Maybe as time passes, things will ease up a bit.

Posted by wakachiwaka on 02-16-2008 at23:15:


Nick's animation studio is just down the block from my residence. Maybe if I hired a couple goons, went down there and roughed 'em up a little...


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