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Posted by DaLe on 09-08-2005 at11:22:

  RE: Larry's Salem Concert

Originally posted by Myron
... on the deck in the back yard, so there were some jam sessions going on, Larry performing Beattles tunes with the other guests etc., then after a spirited version of "The Rock That Doesn't Roll" the Salem police showed up and put an end to the party, now how rock'n'roll is that?

Now that is CooL, rock'n'roll Cool

Posted by jiminy on 09-08-2005 at12:19:


totally agree-!~
the only way that could have been equalled is if he'd been playin

"Why should the Devil have all the Good Music..."
great man- great music

Posted by Jeff Vaughn on 09-15-2005 at16:26:


That Larry!

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