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Posted by ™ on 02-08-2005 at23:58:

  too much

there's too much t'read here

couldn'tcha have a section where the coolest,
gotta-know stuff is mentioned?

too-little-time-to-read ™
Big Grin

Posted by .backs. on 02-09-2005 at19:28:


You know the DAMB well, TM. You look for gotta-know here?

Dorf is leaving CA soon. Does that qualify?

Posted by dorfsmith on 02-09-2005 at19:30:


Rar...sadly, not so soon... but we are scouting places out after Tax season Big Grin

Posted by jiminy on 02-09-2005 at19:32:


can we start the shameless posts here too?

tm- know what you mean, you should really KIT with someone who frequents..or heres a scarey thought..call someone on the phone.!

"Hey what the heck is up with that DAMb thats worth readin?"
fraid the answer would STILL be pages and pages....

Posted by Woggy on 02-10-2005 at15:22:


wow, I haven't seen your name here for a LONG time!

how ya been?

whatcha been up to?

how's life?


Posted by ™ on 02-13-2005 at01:57:


the "Christian" bookstore I've been music buyer at for th' last three years is closing at the end o' March, another victim of Mom and Pop not being able to compete with the stuffmarts

i'm studying the US Postal Exam book as they're administering "the test" for our area in May

and duane and i are still being musical, he just got back from New Zealand where he was hanging with the guy that took home the oscar for best sound something or other for LotR (they use Euphonix consoles and duane is the field service rep)

how's 'bout y'all?

Posted by dennis on 02-13-2005 at02:52:

  Too much, too much...

You took too much man! Too Much! Too Much!
That got right on top of you, didn't it?

Posted by ™ on 02-15-2005 at00:12:


Dennis! Where's that VHS you was talkin' 'bout sendin' ?!
Big Grin

Posted by dennis on 02-15-2005 at02:10:


You know me! I'm a "talker!" Shocked

Thanks! I gotta make a copy of that! I will get that started in the morning before I go to work! Pleased

Posted by ™ on 02-15-2005 at23:55:


u da mang
Roll Eyes
-ain't he da mang?
he da mang!

Posted by dennis on 02-17-2005 at17:33:


Now if I can just get it in the mail! Shocked

Posted by dennis on 02-26-2005 at23:04:


I still have that ready to go in the mail! Shocked
It's my goal to mail it this week! Cool

Posted by Woggy on 03-02-2005 at16:15:


he da MANGE!

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