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Posted by Rabbi John Paul Ringo on 02-06-2005 at20:41:


It sounds like a "Yiddish Porn Music" to me! Smile )

Posted by jiminy on 02-06-2005 at23:01:


Originally posted by wes berlin
Originally posted by jiminy
I hate to say that was Paul's influence..
but that was Paul's influence.

i don't know about that. john was the one changing time signatures all the time.

listen to "good morning, good morning". he goes from a 3/4 to a 2/4 and back to a 4/4 (or something like that).....on the verse. Pleased

very true- I guess when I thought of the word Waltz..I thoght of Macca (who looked well, a bit flat on the Halftime show-not in tone, just all in all...)

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