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Posted by BigDork on 07-08-2002 at23:12:

  New Store Items!!!

I saw there are some leftovers for sale at the webstore...


Posted by Joey T. on 07-08-2002 at23:38:


Oh great, 10 songs is there right now when I'm flat broke. Hope there's at least 1 left by Friday.... Smile

Posted by BigDork on 07-09-2002 at00:06:


I found someone who was going to try and get me a copy at cstone....but I haven't heard from them yet.


Posted by Author of the Post on 07-09-2002 at13:58:


I'm totally syched!! 10 Songs on CD!! Yeah!!! I swear that the DA Webstore needs "One-click shopping" like Amazon.com.

-- The Author of the Post

Posted by audiori on 07-10-2002 at11:59:

  10 Songs...

There were questions on the DaDL about the 10 Songs
pricing and I wanted to post the info that JT posted there,
20 Songs by Adam Again was sold for $17.00 @Cornerstone
and is now $20.00 on the webstores. Why? Because Jeff
Kotthoff and Lo-Fi Records paid a hefty premium to KMG
records (who owns the album) for master and publishing
licenses, etc. He needs to sell it at $17.00 to stay
out of debt on it. We raised it to $20.00 so that the
Townsends and the bands could be compensated for their
work in filling and mailing the order and for allowing
Jeff to use our "machine" to sell it. Yes, it is a bit
steep; yes, it is worth it; yes, I would love to see Jeff
get this one paid off and then do "Homeboys."

JT Feavel

Which I totally agree. It's too bad, that he had to pay
the hefty license fee, but thats one of those hidden costs
people don't always see. I am glad to have it on CD myself,
since I never had the original.


Posted by Author of the Post on 07-10-2002 at12:17:


Just wondering. For those of us who ordered it, when will go out in the mail (yes, I'm very impatient!) And did Little, Big and Spittle and Phlegm go out in the mail yesterday?

-- The Author of the Post

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