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Posted by DwDunphy on 11-19-2003 at22:10:

  DA - Two years later

This question's been bandied about off and on for awhile and I don't think Terry's really addressed it, mainly because I don't believe he can answer it... But I'll throw out this blast from the past one mo' time.

It is now two years after "Mr. Buechner's Dream" and there was a unifying thread on the disc(s) of reaching a conclusion and saying, "thank you and goodbye". In these successive years, there has been no real talk of the band continuing. In fact, the primary focus on all fronts, with Roe and Daugherty too, has fallen to the Dogs.

Does anyone know what the future holds for the band as we know it, or was Buechner the swan song it is often assumed to be? What about the Eddies?

Just wondering aloud.

Posted by John Foxe on 11-19-2003 at22:19:

  My 2c

You may have a theoretical point, esp. with the last song on disc 2. (Of course that wasn't really the last song Wink If it is the last one, they sure went out with a bang.

However, I've heard some rumors offline that would lead me to believe that DA has a future. Not to mention Ed's comment in the MBD booklet.

I think there's a market. I just don't want to wait another 6 years. And I would be perfectly willing to buy preorders to help fund another one.

Posted by dorfsmith on 11-19-2003 at22:22:


Me too.

Posted by Ron E on 11-19-2003 at22:27:


moi aussi

Posted by Captain Pedantic on 11-19-2003 at23:00:


Check out what tim chandler says

Posted by Ed on 11-20-2003 at00:01:


DA has a future?

Posted by baxter on 11-20-2003 at00:03:


Now don't you start that "The Eddies are dead crap "again.

Posted by Ed on 11-20-2003 at00:05:


I wasn't talkin' Eddies...Wink

Posted by baxter on 11-20-2003 at00:09:


i hope you are well, you naysayer.

Posted by Ed on 11-20-2003 at00:13:


I am...thanks for asking...Tongue

Posted by Joey T. on 11-20-2003 at00:14:


and so it goes....... Crying

Posted by Ed on 11-20-2003 at00:14:


No really...I hope the same for you and your's dear friend! Pleased

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He still comes around, right?

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