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Posted by audiori on 09-09-2003 at02:19:

  Happy Birthday Anne & DrDan!

Posted by EdHead on 09-09-2003 at10:55:

Thumb Up!


Big Grin

Happy Birthday!!!

Smile )

Posted by Woggy on 09-09-2003 at13:13:


what THEY ^ said Smile

Posted by anne on 09-09-2003 at20:51:


thanks guys & woggy!!
Smile Smile

Posted by Woggy on 09-10-2003 at22:02:


Did you have a nice birthday?

Get lots of presents?

Eat Cake?

have fun?

DO tell!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by anne on 09-12-2003 at18:28:

  my oh-so-thrilling birthday

um... well, i ran 40 participants in my experiment. i went to a social psych meeting & listened to our newest prof tell us all about his research -- interesting stuff! my sister sent me a package with lots of cool presents (she got all my other siblings to contribute $, but *she* picked out the presents -- it's a good system). my old advisor emailed me and told me that a paper we submitted for publication was accepted (yay!). and my roommate cooked me the best chicken parmigian i've tasted in a long time.

no cake.
but a really, very nice birthday.


btw woggy, have you noticed that nic cage is in a new movie - Matchstick Men? i haven't seen it yet, but i've heard really good things about it... Big Grin

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