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Posted by HEMISPHERICALHEADS on 08-13-2003 at21:27:

  Did anyone get that email from...

Bob Hope reguarding the 77s...I noticed a few names on the list that are DAmbers.....

Posted by baxter on 08-13-2003 at21:59:


Tell us more, HH.

Posted by EH on 08-13-2003 at22:02:



Posted by Squidzit on 08-13-2003 at23:04:


I just got your copy of it HEMI, sounds like something someone else we know (mugs) would say.

Posted by BD on 08-13-2003 at23:27:


Originally posted by HEMISPHERICALHEADS
Bob Hope reguarding the 77s...I noticed a few names on the list that are DAmbers.....

I got your email HH.

This guys tried to post that same message on the 77s board several times. No one responds to him because it's just stupid. He's just trying to stir up trouble and no one wants to play with him. That's all I have to say about it.


Posted by audiori on 08-14-2003 at00:02:


Anyone have this nutjobs email address?

This person has been trying to stir up trouble for us & Mike for a couple of years now. Some people just don't have anything better to do I guess.

We're contacting their Internet providers. We'd ask all of you to do the same.. let them know you don't want their stupid spam emails.

Can anyone forward us the email as an attatchment (with headers). We'd like to investigate a little further into who this person is.

Posted by dennis on 08-14-2003 at07:49:


I got one that I just sent to you fellas! Cool

Posted by zippetydoodaddy on 08-14-2003 at16:08:


wot a Mountain DewahMad

I work for a BIG client that is always making me run stuff through legal which is a 5 day process that just makes my work double. Most recently it's been about having a message board attached to their site all the trouble they feel they have to guard against by having it.

This guys email BLAST reminds me of the need for all that headache.

Thanks Bob Hope! You complete me.

Posted by HEMISPHERICALHEADS on 08-16-2003 at06:28:


Sorry for never responding to this but I was one of the lucky ones with no power...I have an inverter in my van and was able to fire up my computer but the cable modem was not getting a signal...Just got the power back last night around 1:30am! Big Grin

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