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Posted by ™ on 09-02-2003 at23:42:

  and yes

I too play Bass-

Posted by Squidzit on 09-02-2003 at23:45:

Thumb Up!


Posted by baxter on 09-03-2003 at01:25:


Crying i missed TM Crying

i will never read to those children again!

Posted by ™ on 09-03-2003 at01:29:


Brian Wilson
Paul McCartney
Jack Bruce
Phil Lesh
Phil Lynott
Phill Fennern (my old Bass player)

Posted by jiminy on 09-03-2003 at07:30:


-principal tracking-LOL...........
thats the stage I'm at-
but at least I'm there-
Much to the dismay of my lovely wife.
"What ARE you doing!!!!" Mad

(I could not even begin to explain..If I tried to tell her about DAMbit- she'd know just how much time I've already wasted on frivilous things (IHVP)..to try to tell her- "Oh, we are doing it AGAIN.......

Posted by BD on 09-05-2003 at11:22:


There is still plenty of time to get your songs finished, please see the new Negative Fruit Thread for details.


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