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Posted by brdhsnyrsoul on 08-25-2003 at11:31:


I hope all is well, Elisha. Let me know when you set up a new date. I'd still like to come up and visit sometime.


Posted by dorfsmith on 08-25-2003 at13:04:


Yes, we just got to thinking that a house full might be too much right now. We'd still love for you to come up though so let us know what a good weekend is for you and we'll plan it. Maybe we could go out to dinner or lunch ar something too. The invitation is open to baxter and all the rest of you as well. We just don't feel like we have the energy to plan a big event likt the BBQ so soon.

Posted by brdhsnyrsoul on 08-25-2003 at13:18:


sounds good. We just got back from our vacation, so we're still in relax and don't do anything mode. Soon though.

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-26-2003 at01:55:


I know what you mean. Relaxing is good. Let me know though and we will set up a date Tongue

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