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Posted by New Mommy on 08-08-2003 at01:09:


So... What are you all in favor of eating???
Any Vegetarians??? Just want to be prepared and all.

Oh, By the way!! You may have to excuse our house. We are still in the process of slight remodeling. Hopefully dorfsmith will have it all finished up by then?!? Hope you will all be able to make it!!! Looking forward to meeting all you fine people.

Posted by New Mommy on 08-08-2003 at09:02:


I hope everyone reading this for the first time knows terry will not be at the BBQ. This is just some DAmb friends. With every thread titled "BBQ" I started thinking...

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-08-2003 at09:04:


Yeek! I'm not gonna dress up like terry and play his songs Big Grin

Posted by .backs. on 08-08-2003 at18:20:


i vote for burgers.

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-08-2003 at18:28:


Burgers it will be. Are you coming for sure???

Posted by .backs. on 08-08-2003 at18:30:


We hope to. Cindy's mother is dying, so nothing is sure these days. i'm not a gambler, but i would bet we will be there. God willing

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-08-2003 at18:36:


Sorry to hear about Cindy's mother. We will be looking foreward to meeting you. Any special requests of any kind (food, entertainment etc.?)

Posted by .backs. on 08-08-2003 at18:39:


i would love to see you do Ethel Merman performing DFBB?

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-08-2003 at22:05:


Big Grin Anything else?

Posted by .backs. on 08-08-2003 at23:08:


could Adrian play the glockenspiel?

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-08-2003 at23:11:


I will ask him. If nothing else he'll dance a jig.

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-08-2003 at23:13:


I really need to get busy and clean up the yard and get this house in shape. I'm gonna be running around like the mad hatter.

Posted by .backs. on 08-08-2003 at23:15:


A jig by Adrian will burst my heart.

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-08-2003 at23:17:


If he's too tired I may have to do the jig for him Big Grin

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-18-2003 at23:52:


Are we still on kids???

Posted by baxter on 08-20-2003 at02:23:


You tell us, Mr. Smith.

Adrain doesn't need a bunch of odd people about his house if he is marshalling his white blood cells.

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-20-2003 at10:01:


Yes, it is coming up rather quickly. He had a tough time of it last night but seems to be feeling better today. Maybe we should postpone it for a little while. Might give me more time to plan and prepare anyway. Let me ask my wife and I will let you know what she thinks.

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-24-2003 at01:49:


Cindy and I have agreed to postpone this for a while. Mostly because of Adrian and partly because our house needs a little work before we have a bunch of people over Roll Eyes If any of you are over this way, feel free to give us a call and we can get together though. The BBQ will have to be postponed until further notice for now. Thanks for understanding. We can't wait to meet you all, so please contact us if you are in the area. And baxter, I owe you some CD's Smile

Posted by baxter on 08-24-2003 at02:30:


Is the A man hungry tonight?

Posted by dorfsmith on 08-24-2003 at11:23:


He's always hungry. That's a good thing though Pleased

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