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Posted by PuP on 01-11-2019 at13:35:

  Spotify "This is DA" playlist


Good representation? Would you make changes? Discuss...

Posted by Audiori J on 01-11-2019 at18:23:


I'd drop skeptics song, losers and winners and new testament best and add staggering gods and I love you #19 and Man on the Moon.. but thats just my taste.

Posted by baxter on 01-12-2019 at12:23:


I like the list and the suggestions.

Posted by joey on 01-12-2019 at13:48:


hmm, i uninstalled spotify on my phone and tablet in favor of google play music, but i just realized it's on our new laptop.. Cool

Posted by PuP on 01-14-2019 at16:24:


Not having ILY#19 seems like a big miss to me. DA's varied their style so wildly that my version of an "intro" playlist would be the complete recordings.

(Side note: All the studio albums + Bootleg '86 just gets you from north central Ohio to Austin, Texas. You know, just in case you ever make that drive.)

(Side side note: "Side Note" is now the name of the fictional rock band I am in whenever no one is watching me pretend to be in a rock band.)

Posted by baxter on 01-14-2019 at16:49:


Big Grin

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