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Posted by Audiori J on 10-08-2018 at16:05:

  Tim Chandler

A note from Uncle Terry:

My dear friend Tim Chandler is no longer in this world. It doesn’t seem possible. My mind hasn’t fully grasped this yet, but nevertheless, I feel soul-weary, beat up, dazed, out of breath. Tim was not just a friend, he was my champion, a passionate cheerleader who gave me the courage to venture beyond my supposed creative limitations and in so doing, lose my self-conscious restraints and give in to a kind of wild abandonment. To me, he will always be the heart and soul of Daniel Amos. A friend summed it up this way: “Tim always had your back.” This was true both artistically and personally. When Tim would call me (or vice-versa) he always had a story to tell, usually concerning his personal encounters with the absurdities of life, and I would often return the favor. Together we would invariably wind up breathless with tear-inducing laughter, and at the end of every one of these conversations we would say goodbye with “I love you brother.” Tim, like us all, had his demons but I will always remember him, above all else, for his humor, his tender-hearted kindness, his unwavering devotion to me as a friend, and his artistic skill and creative passion. He was truly God’s gift of grace to me.
Goodbye, Tim. I love you brother.

Posted by Audiori J on 10-08-2018 at16:17:


I remember when Mr. Buechner's dream was being recorded and Eric and I were in Nashville for I think it was GMA week ..while everyone else was busy Tim came over and asked to take a walk with him. We went out to his car and he played a rough mix of the album on his car stereo for us. It's not much, it's just one of those little moments, he didn't have to do it. But thats how Tim was, he wanted to give us a special sneak peak and you could tell he was eager to see what we thought. He was genuine, he was kind, he was honest.

Posted by joey on 10-08-2018 at16:57:

Sad RE: Tim Chandler

sad day..

Posted by wes berlin on 10-08-2018 at17:18:


i am heartbroken......it truly is a dark day.

Posted by Eis on 10-08-2018 at18:39:


Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying

Posted by baxter on 10-08-2018 at19:07:


This one hurts bad. Crying

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 10-08-2018 at21:09:


My only interactions with Tim were here on this board, but he was always kind to me when we interacted. He was also one of my greatest musical heroes. I'm staggered by this news. It really hurts.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 10-08-2018 at22:07:


And now thinking of Tim gone, I keep thinking of this:


Posted by jyroflux on 10-08-2018 at22:18:


Heartbreaking. Tim was one of a kind. I never had an apathetic thought about him. He was cool. He was likable. I don't want to believe this.

Posted by wayneb on 10-09-2018 at00:50:


Same. This seems unbelievable. I am wearing the "Dig Here" T-shirt (I actually put it on this morning well before I heard).

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 10-09-2018 at13:12:


I don't understand how the death of a person I never met could disrupt me so.

Was he ill?

Posted by joey on 10-09-2018 at13:29:


Originally posted by WoaaahJelly!
I don't understand how the death of a person I never met could disrupt me so.

Was he ill?

from the choir's fb page..

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our band mate and brother, Tim Chandler. His health had been declining recently and he passed peacefully of natural causes.
He was a treasured friend, a passionate lover, a brilliant artist, a wickedly funny man... and the badassedest bass player that ever lived. We, along with so many dear friends and loved ones are devastated.

- On behalf of The Choir

Posted by joey on 10-09-2018 at18:26:


just looked at the Da timeline for the first time in a long, long time. looking for stuff when tim first joined the band.

Tim Chandler plays a demo tape on the DA tour bus by a new band featuring Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty (Pre-Youth Choir).
Steve: "It was reported to us that Terry, after listening to one song, ejected the cassete and tossed it over his shoulder without saying a word. We were mortified."
Tim: "...It was a demo that Steve, Derri and I had done together... Derri was roadying at the time on this particular tour and was in the van with us. The way I remember it is... the band listened to it, Terry was riding shotgun up front so he popped the tape out, and then sort of mumbled something ('..uh, yeah, sounds real good...') and reached back over his shoulder with the tape waiting for someone to grab it and then just kind of dropped it thinking someone would catch it... I'm pretty sure he didn't throw it. I imagine Derri remembers it worse than it was because (obviously) he was hoping for more of a reaction from Terry..."

Big Grin

ok, and then found what i was looking for
September 4, 1981
Tim Chandler Joins Daniel Amos.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 10-10-2018 at02:07:


I wonder if we can get the other guys to drop in here on this thread.

Posted by Eis on 10-10-2018 at09:51:


Dw., Dan MacIntosh, and I did our best to make a proper memorial and appreciation.

Posted by joey on 10-10-2018 at11:53:

Thumb Up!

great article, craig (eis), dw, and dan mcintosh if you are out there.. Smile

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 10-10-2018 at15:05:


now I never will get to see him play

Posted by Eis on 10-10-2018 at17:09:


Originally posted by WoaaahJelly!
now I never will get to see him play

Crying Crying Crying

Posted by Ritchie_az on 10-10-2018 at17:48:


This is really a bummer! I hate to use the word “devastating” for someone I didn’t know personally, yet this news hit me harder than it should have, and devastating seems appropriate to describe it. DW’s essay put how I feel into words better than I could have.

Now I need to drown my sorrows with some Windex....

Seriously, though, my heart breaks for his family, his music family, and his fans who thought the world of his musicianship. He played an essential role in so many songs that mean so much to me, perhaps, even though I never really knew him, to me he was much more than a stranger.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 10-11-2018 at03:40:


Oh yeah- we fans don't like this but imagine what the rest of the DA/Eddies/Choir guys feel like now not to mention his family. His bass work insinuates a large part of our music collections and listening to that will be much different from now on.

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