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Posted by Jimmy Brown on 01-09-2020 at12:34:


I am listening to my 5,936 songs on shuffle on GooglePlay and "Incredible Shrinking Man" came up. I'm not sure I've really listened to it on headphones/earbuds before, but I never noticed the extreme stereo-separation. It almost sounds like Terry recorded the vocals twice, once for each ear. There's certainly a lot of stereo panning, and certain instrumental parts are one one side or the other. It's always nice to still be discovering things all these years after I bought that old cassette.

Posted by Mountain Fan on 02-27-2020 at21:38:


don't remember which song, but one has what now sounds like a distant car alarm going off (heard tonight in walmart parking lot). this was a MP3 converted from a cassette computer recording using audacity. it took years for me to enjoy the bulk of this one, but gonna get the reissue now.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 02-28-2020 at07:05:


I'm going to have to listen for that now. If you recall which song, let us know.

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