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Posted by audiori on 03-04-2016 at22:02:

  Walsh/Schwartz/Auerbach DA Cover

The James Gangs' Joe Walsh and Glenn Schwartz with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys covering "Ain't Gonna Fight It" .. (around the 6:30 mark)


Posted by sondance on 03-09-2016 at14:13:

  RE: Walsh/Schwartz/Auerbach DA Cover

any reaction from Uncle Terry?

Posted by sondance on 11-03-2018 at20:37:

  RE: Walsh/Schwartz/Auerbach DA Cover

guess not, now Schwartz has been promoted...

Posted by wayneb on 11-04-2018 at02:23:


I watched that clip when you first posted it. Wonder what Joe Walsh thinks? He's in New Zealand next year on an Eagles tour. Might ask him....

Posted by wakachiwaka on 11-04-2018 at21:29:


That's Glenn Schwartz of All-Saved Freak Band notoriety...

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