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Posted by ftg3plus4 on 02-19-2014 at07:39:

  Bad note in "Sail Me Away"?

Right around 1:41 in this song (I think after "pilgrim's call") there's a stray keyboard note that seems to be outside of the song's key. To me it sounds like a mistake and I've always wondered why it was left there. Has anyone else ever noticed this?

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 02-19-2014 at09:07:


It's a lower neighboring tone played on the vibraphone. The vibraphone doesn't have a lot of sustain in such a thick texture; it does however have enough sustain to have a faint dissonance between the two pitches. The highest note on the vibraphone at that point is the leading tone to the next chord, and rather than just let that sound decay, he plays a little figure by playing the leading tone, then the note below it, and then back to the leading tone. You don't hear it later because the vibraphone doesn't play in the second half of the song. I actually like that little bit of spice there.

Posted by wakachiwaka on 02-19-2014 at14:28:


This song has Twitchen Vibes.

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