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Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 09-17-2013 at09:11:

  Real Life Jobs?

So what do the guys do in real life? You figure they cut an album once in awhile, and tour occasionally, but what do they do the rest of the time? It looks like Mr. Jerry is a full-time musician and Greg does something with rocket fuel, or something. Can anyone fill me in?

Posted by DwDunphy on 09-17-2013 at16:08:


Dunno...I think that's generally information they choose not to share. I've never really questioned the motivation behind the choice.

Posted by Audiori J on 09-17-2013 at17:21:


I think they have shared it somewhat every once in a while.... Terry's full time job is music of one form or another. Greg works with JPL NASA, which is commonly known. He was sending commands to the Mars probe while they were recording 'Dig Here.' Tim, last I heard, works with a company that makes company/goverment servers secure. Ed does graphic design stuff. Jerry does music and I believe works in a warehouse as well. Rob I think makes his living with music, doing scores for TV shows and stuff.

Why don't we all tell what we are currently doing for a living... might be interesting....

Posted by Ron E on 09-18-2013 at11:11:


Teacher by trade...thirteen years experience...or one year repeated thirteen times. Currently work in a home for developmentally delayed adults supporting them toward independent living.

Posted by lobo1023 on 09-18-2013 at15:14:

  Real Life Jobs?

Information Technology Manager for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, specializing in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Preparedness. Been in the IT realm since '74.

Posted by Ritchie_az on 09-18-2013 at15:29:


Air Traffic Controller. Hopefully, someday, photographer.

Posted by Audiori J on 09-18-2013 at15:50:


Day Job: Engineering Technician at SunEdison. Currently producing BGSOI black silicon wafers for SiOnyx. Been at the company 20 years.

Evening/weekend jobs: I get thrown up on by babies.

Posted by baxter on 09-18-2013 at22:30:


Clinical Social Worker for foster care and adoptive families for 17 years.

For the past 3 years, I have worked as a social worker for the homeless, a care provider in a group home for the developmentally delayed and currently as an ABA specialist working with autistic youth on language development.

Posted by wayneb on 09-19-2013 at03:45:


Art and technology teacher (High School) for 30+ years. Occasional forays into signwriting, graphic art, book illustration and music. None of them paid enough....

Posted by Audiori J on 09-19-2013 at08:10:


I hear that, most of my forays have been more of an expense.

Posted by Eis on 09-19-2013 at11:43:


Greg's info in more detail: http://science.jpl.nasa.gov/people/Flesch/

Posted by Eis on 09-19-2013 at11:47:


Originally posted by Eis
Greg's info in more detail: http://science.jpl.nasa.gov/people/Flesch/

I'm guessing you shouldn't call him at work to talk about the new album.

Posted by Eis on 09-19-2013 at11:51:


Ed: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Firm-Marketing-Support-Group/119106098415

That looks like it hasn't been updated. Here's his Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ed-mctaggart/4/920/b82

Posted by Eis on 09-19-2013 at12:02:


Among other things, Jerry has worked with Pam Mark Hall: http://pamelitaandparker.com/

Posted by Eis on 09-19-2013 at12:07:


Rob: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0914854/

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 09-24-2013 at16:31:


We know what Eis does with his time if not for a living Big Grin

I work as a copy cataloger for music in an academic library.

Posted by Eis on 09-24-2013 at19:30:


I am PhD student and also teach. So yes, I do research for living.

Posted by Ron E on 09-24-2013 at20:41:


Originally posted by Jimmy Brown
We know what Eis does with his time if not for a living Big Grin

I work as a copy cataloger for music in an academic library.

I saw your name on a video from a guy doing interviews with you, I guess, about metal music from a few years ago...this was just last week I saw the video though, in a church library where I was doing some training....care to comment! I forget the guy's name, but he used to play the big rooms too...

Posted by sondance on 09-24-2013 at23:30:


Excel spreadsheet jockey, macros up the kazoo but still learning VB. i've even used Excel and the drawing toolbar to make sheet music.

Would you like to know what i think about MS Office 2010?

Posted by audiori on 09-25-2013 at00:04:


Day job: Healthcare.. working with computers and the transition to electronic health records for one of the largest healthcare companies in Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois and Oklahoma. Unofficial office video editor, IT guy and Television repair man.

Evening/weekend jobs: Musical servant. Occasional freelance work as a graphic designer for local printing shop.

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