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Posted by DwDunphy on 06-13-2012 at19:35:

  No News Is...

I'm not trying to start a riot or anything here, recognizing there will be news when there's news to be...but man, does it ever get deathly quiet on the board when there's nothing new being sold.

Posted by John Foxe on 06-13-2012 at20:09:

  SoS deaux

Yeah, I alluded to this in a recent post titled SoS (ala Simon & Garfunkel). I want to support Terry and the band, and so it helps to have something new to buy.

Posted by audiori on 06-13-2012 at20:13:


Neverhood thing... being finished... we're in the artwork/packaging stages... Tom is currently cleaning some artwork I believe...

HD Deluxe... wheels are still rolling... its a little vague as far as a timetable unfortunately. I'm currently waiting on Charles to get back to me about a potential track list. Some of the guys are still digging through tapes.

New (as of yet unannounced) Deluxe Reissue... more info coming soon.. tapes are being restored... archives are being raided... etc, etc. It'll continue in the same style as Deluxe reissues of the first album, Shotgun Angel, and Darn Floor. At least two discs.. expanded artwork, lots of bonus material, etc.

The DA live DVD idea is a wildcard. If the footage ever all ends up in the same place at one time, it could happen fairly quickly.

New DA.... tentative recording schedule is set, but not in stone yet. Hard to say anything (or even launch Kickstarter) until everyone is ready to go. The Kickstarter thing will have to start any day now however to get the cash in time for recording as early as they want to... so expect something soon there. There should also be a new DA website layout around the same time.

On the outside, I'm sure its a little like watching paint dry - but believe me there is quite a bit happening. Its all in very fluid stages and if too much is announced too early, we'll get our heads bitten off by somebody when everything changes. The Neverhood thing and the new deluxe reissue should be the first two things to go on sale.

Posted by John Foxe on 06-13-2012 at20:22:


Thanks, this helps!

Posted by sondance on 06-13-2012 at21:16:


how about a DA button decoder ring and It's the Eighties rocket pack... order now and get a complimentary Camarillo Eddie genuine napalm BBQ lighter?

see, we just got to work up that marketing thing a bit
...what do you think?

oh, sorry, you were serious, well that *is* cool!

Posted by brother joel on 06-14-2012 at13:37:


All this sounds great! If anything comes out in the immediate future I might have to wait until fall when I get an additional paycheck through coaching cross country. If you start the Kickstarter, I will discover some amount of funds somewhere so that I can contribute as I deeply desire a new DA album. I am not sure if I am crossing my fingers for delux Motorcycle or delux Fearful Symmetry or delux Swirling Eddies. I guess I will wait and see or maybe you will surprise me with a delux rapsures (I certainly hope not as I don't think I can convince my wallet to support that at this time).

Thanks for all the work you guys do in encouraging the band to keep on creating!

Posted by Doke on 06-19-2012 at08:06:


Very cool on all fronts! And I'm definitely in for a DA button decoder ring...

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