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Posted by audiori on 02-16-2011 at18:07:

  Terry Scott Taylor's Swine Before Pearl Vol 2


Posted by DwDunphy on 02-16-2011 at19:04:


Soon as mine arrives, I'll let you know.

Posted by audiori on 02-17-2011 at00:05:


Just a few notes on the shipping, since I know many are still waiting.

Every order up to date has been shipping directly from the printer. For that reason, no one will receive the usual shipping confirmation email from us. This was done to save time. It actually costs us a little more to do it this way, but it saved time since the CDs didn't have to travel through the mail twice.

I know that many arrived yesterday (the 14th) and some arrived today and it looks like some are still on their way. I can track them if necessary, but I have to do it through the printers and its a little slow. They are shipping them in the order that the orders came in however.. so if someone had their order in really early, it should have been in the first batches to ship. I can't guarantee it because they're doing it, but.. it should be happening that way.

Posted by DwDunphy on 02-17-2011 at07:15:


Can we expect a green-tinged volume 3 down the pike?

Posted by wakachiwaka on 02-17-2011 at11:22:


Originally posted by DwDunphy
Can we expect a green-tinged volume 3 down the pike?

You mean one that showcases all of Uncle Terry's songs about ridding Ireland of snakes? "Friar Paddy's Pest Control" is one of my personal favorites...

Posted by DwDunphy on 02-17-2011 at12:59:


She's A Hard Drink, Begorrah.

Posted by Ritchie_az on 02-17-2011 at13:05:


The Green Room Serenade....

Or, a remake: Hide the Green Beer the Pastor's Here....

Posted by audiori on 02-17-2011 at17:47:


I don't know.. sounds like Terry might be getting tired of the pig imagery.. Tom may have to go a different direction next time.

Posted by Eis on 03-17-2011 at10:47:


Sooo...any reviews? I haven't picked up a copy yet; maybe next month.

Posted by audiori on 03-17-2011 at22:17:


Its always been a strange phenomenon that happens anytime these guys release something new - almost everyone out there gets really quiet for a while. Maybe they're just all listening.. Confused

It glows with warmth being on this side because we're all always waiting to hear what folks think of it. I know Terry is. Happy

Posted by Eis on 03-18-2011 at10:09:


The last one was great...is this one set up the same way, with a spoken introduction and Terry guiding the listener through the album? That's a really cool way to make this more than just a bunch of demos and extras.

Posted by dennis on 03-19-2011 at16:36:


I am hoping to order my copies when I can work again, hopefully in the next month or so.

Posted by DwDunphy on 03-19-2011 at19:06:


I've enjoyed both quite a bit. I'd love to hear more introductory commentary about how the songs came about though.

Posted by brother joel on 08-08-2011 at13:11:


Listening to this now. . . I finally picked up a copy at the Camp Hill DA show in June. I find this quite enjoyable. Of course the familiar songs are fantastic. I also truly enjoy the accoustic remakes and the new tracks. My Valentine is very tender and the lyrics are top notched. You Ring My Bell is awesome Terry Wit! I also really enjoy UFO-- I don't konw why this was not on Horrendous Disc, it really should have been. The guitar solo by Jerry in Happily Married Man is a sweet surprise. I suppose my only negative comment would have to be in relation to the remixes. . . I would have loved additional accoustic treatments of songs like Madonna Inn, Maybe All I Need, Ditto, and My Cardboard Box. The changes in them are not greatly significant. I still truly enjoy each song, but wish for something a little different. This was my first time hearing "Your Theif." Great Track! Overall, I truly enjoy listening to this music, as I enjoy listening to most things that come from the creative mind of Mr. Taylor.

Posted by Audiori J on 08-08-2011 at14:22:


UFO was one of about 10 songs that were recorded to shop around to secular record companies, if I remember correctly. Jerry or someone could probably give a lot more information on that.

Posted by dennis on 08-09-2011 at02:46:


Fantastic cds, the both of them.

Posted by DrDanAmos on 08-13-2011 at02:19:


I very much prefer Vol 2 over Vol 1 (if I were to pick one...)

Hopefully a Vol 3 will be forthcoming. I'd love to get a CD where Terry performs songs he has written for other people but never performed himself before. Just an idea...

Posted by audiori on 08-13-2011 at16:07:


Thats a pretty good idea.

I think Terry does plan to do more, but I'm not sure when.. Right now, DA is firmly in his mind. Thats not saying that it couldn't happen soon.. especially if it was needed for a fundraiser or something like that.

Posted by Ritchie_az on 08-13-2011 at18:07:


I agree with DrDanAmaos' idea. I hope Terry does that sometime....

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