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Posted by SnowMan on 12-29-2010 at14:42:

  Imagine a reality where...

Hey friends,

Imagine a town where people are pretty much the same as they are anywhere in the world, but the back drop to what makes the daily dramas of life, they are completely turned upon their heads and the lesser has become the greater--where art and musical references are not what they are now. Instead, the music of TS Taylor, The Dogs, The Choir, Plumb, Starflyer 59, Sean Thomas Eugene, Eve Selis, Aunt Betty's Ford, D.A.S., and others you may not have heard of--these are the household references across the Americas and Europe and Asia.

Presently, 99.9 KWTH Snowline is relayed through Anchorage AK, and streamed through Live 365. I listen through my living room television tivo home theater and it rocks--it lightens my heart. It is SO very strange to enter such a world as I've described--whether at home or at my place of work.

Slated for mid to late January, Snowline's one church will hold a live video cast through the live stream page of www.the-mass.org (that's my site). This is the same streaming page where you can watch live vj/radio casts from Snowline that include call-ins. These casts will feature interviews with artists (including people like Jeff Elbel and Brian Healy). Some interviews will be call in.

Live video/radio casts will also be viewable from Facebook (if you friend up with vj/dj Andreivich) or through the Stickham site.

Meanwhile, a book is being written all about Snowline and the unique slice of civilization that it is. This book will hopefully be released Christmas 2011.

There are many other options/possibilities getting chatted up even now and I am very excited to be at the table. I post here this mostly because beyond my intrigue over Snowline, it is a world where Terry and others who are dear to me, to us, are celebrated the way WE have always believed they ought to have been. As I said, to tune in almost makes me forget where I am at times.

A very happy new year to all!

Theo Obrastoff

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