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Posted by audiori on 12-28-2010 at16:30:

  Terry Scott Taylor's Swine Before Pearl Vol 1


Posted by James on 12-28-2010 at17:12:


Well said.

Posted by audiori on 12-29-2010 at21:10:


The first special edition track (that I know of) has been posted on youtube...


Posted by Audiori J on 12-29-2010 at21:51:


Very Cool!

Posted by James on 12-29-2010 at22:51:


I enjoyed the album very much, especially the second half. The only minor quibble I have is with the acoustic remake of The Twist. I didn't care for the alterations (especially vocally). That's one of my favorite Terry songs and I just found this version rather lackluster. Otherwise, a very enjoyable listening experience.

Posted by Audiori J on 12-30-2010 at07:35:


The versions you hear on this CD would be like how Terry wrote the song, when the band gets ahold of the music it changes around some. These are all essentially demos.

Posted by Eis on 12-30-2010 at12:31:


I think it holds together well. The intro, talking about songs, "Debi Comes Home," etc. help it to cohere. For later releases, I'd love to hear any more Crime Horse or Surfonic demos Terry may have. Any chance of Mothman stuff coming out? I think y'all had said before that Doug Tennapel was keeping that project locked up.

Posted by audiori on 12-30-2010 at12:51:


He had wanted us to wait until the film itself was released in some form. For years, the delay has largely been getting an edit that he was happy with. We saw a new edit of it a few months back that looked pretty good to me... so, maybe we can move on the soundtrack stuff pretty soon.

I don't know if he would want it to be a part of a series like this or released as its own soundtrack disc.

Posted by Brent17 on 12-30-2010 at13:12:


I really had fun listening to "Swine." I got the standard edition, no personalized stuff on it.

It really was like (and I'm sure this was the intent) I went over to Terry's house one day and he played a few songs as we sat around and talked and then he said "hey, want to hear some crazy demos and stuff in the archive?"

Actually, my favorite part was the acoustic songs with the intros, the released and unreleased. I would easily pay $20 for an entire CD of Terry doing that.

Considering there's very little overhead involved in putting together the disc and it only takes an afternoon of Terry's time to record (plus mixing and mastering,) this could be a really good way to help finance the new DA album. Especially if he has the time to put together a couple more of these in the next few months.

Great concept and very cool CD!

Posted by Audiori J on 12-30-2010 at13:42:


Yeah thats kind of the plan to some extent. A grass roots effort to sort of help fund the more elaborate releases. Terry has been involved in so many projects over the years, he has a wealth of songs that will never be used in any 'official' release type of venture. I mean for example, he wrote a lot of songs for Frontline releases, I wouldn't mind to hear those the way Terry originally wrote them.

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