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Posted by pegotico on 12-10-2010 at11:10:

  what about an alarma chronicles ITUNES LP

Im pretty sure this would be a great idea to bring them as an itunes lp. One of the problems would be FS and it is already on itunes.

I was checking the beatles box set itunes LP and it is very nice and has all the extras.

the alarma chronicles on itunes lp including the booklet, all the songs, photos and some extras, maybe some video or so.


If ppl like the digital era maybe its a good way to take advantage

Posted by pegotico on 12-10-2010 at11:11:


when i get home i will upload several images of the beatles itunes lp

here is one of let it be

Posted by Audiori J on 12-10-2010 at13:03:


Problem is it would have to be done by the people that own the material.

Posted by pegotico on 12-10-2010 at22:43:


Posted by pegotico on 12-10-2010 at22:54:


Originally posted by Audiori J
Problem is it would have to be done by the people that own the material.

I thought the only problem would be fearful symmetry.

Anyways for a digital box set I am very impressed with all the menus and the extra stuff. When you click on artwork there you find high quality scans of all booklets. Very nice indeed. I have to say the original is always better, but for the new generation this is very nice.

Im pretty sure that something like this could be very nice for the alarma chronicles. No need to reprint them, creating the itunes lp is pretty easy.

Anyways another option could be doing itunes lp for separate albums, the ones you own the rights. Adding a video, the scans and the music surely would make it more attractive to buy as a digital download.

Posted by Audiori J on 12-11-2010 at09:33:


What we were told by then manager, so you can't take it for what its worth, was that when the Alarma Bookset came out they had to not release "Fearful Symmetry" on its own disc all by itself because the parties that owned it requested that not be done. I believe Terry owns Alarma and Doppelganger, unless he sold the rights at some point. Vox Humana is possibly owned by another party. And when I say that, Terry has an interest because he owns his publishing, he just may not own the recording, I would have to look that one up to be sure.

Problem is, when the Alarma Bookset was being printed the then manager was working with M8, and their business practices were poor at best and shady at worst. They had a history of ripping people off, being generally dishonest and doing it badly. Hense the seperation of DA, the 77s and M8. So, looking back, I am not certain the information we were given at the time was totally accurate.

A little M8 story, when my brother and I produced "When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos and the songs of Terry Scott Taylor," we did all the work and all of the bands contributed the material for free. We had the thing completed and M8 pressured us to give them the album so it could be released on their 'label.' First, the majority of the procedes were already promised to Compassion International, thats how we were granted the deal by BMG. Anyway, there would be no benefit to releasing it on M8, except that they would take a chunk of the procedes, so its obvious why we turned them down.
My brother and I created a 'label' called FerrisWheel to put the disc out on. It couldn't be a Stunt release, that wouldn't make sense because Terry had no involvement in his own tribute, so we created the entity ferriswheel and that was the only release ever put out on that 'label.'
When we went to Cornerstone that year, M8 had a booth with a little crew running around. One of their little spawns came over to the DA booth where we were selling the Tribute Album, grabbed it, looked at the back and exclaimed, "FerrisWheel? No Thanks!" and ran off. If I remember correctly Jeff Elbel was standing next to the guy and gave him a puzzled look. I guess they wanted us or other fans at the table to wish the thing was on that hack of a label M8? I'd would have rather put something out on K-Tel.

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