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Posted by Ron E on 12-16-2011 at09:44:


...since we are talking about it anyway, is there talk of any new recordings from Terry or the Dogs either...which should/could/might we expect first?

Posted by audiori on 12-16-2011 at11:52:


The first thing should be the Return to the Neverhood.

Mike & Derri are focused on the Kerosene Halo stuff at the moment, so we'll have to see where Terry goes next..

Posted by Ritchie_az on 12-16-2011 at12:00:


I certainly appreciate the tour. I never thought I'd actually get to see DA live in concert.

Hopefully 2012 will be a better year for the Taylor household....

Originally posted by audiori
At the time, it wasn't.

The original plan was the start to Kickstarter thing almost immediately and be working on something probably within a few months. The possibility of a semi-reunion tour came up and put that on hold... thats why we never started taking funds for the album, although the fund raiser was approved by Kickstarter and there was a page in the works at their site.

As the tour came to a close, the tentative plan was to start recording something almost immediately after. It was even being talked about at Cornerstone... Terry was telling different musicians that he wanted them involved... reassuring fans that Tim would be on bass, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, some other complications arose and that didn't quite work out either. Terry's had a rough year or so.. his own health issues, the health of family members, emergency surgeries, etc... the idea hasn't been abandoned by any means, but some things just can't be ignored.

Posted by Brent17 on 12-16-2011 at12:33:


Is the live album or DVD from the summer tour still a possibility?

Posted by audiori on 12-16-2011 at13:16:


Yes. We were hoping for it to be done earlier, but I'm still waiting on some of the band's footage. Can't really do too much with it until we have that. In the meantime, maybe we can get some more fan footage as well.

Posted by brother joel on 12-18-2011 at11:58:


I just finished getting the footage I took in one spot, on one disc and labeled. I will be mailing it in the next couple of days.

Posted by brother joel on 12-18-2011 at12:00:


I forgot to mention, the footage I took at Camp Hill, PA does not include the final encore as I ran out of battery power. My brother recorded it on his droid, but we have not been able to figure out how to lift it from the droid and integrate it with the footage I took. So the DVD I send now will not have the final songs, but I hope to get them to you somehow in the near future. God bless!

Posted by audiori on 12-18-2011 at12:36:


Very nice... thank you. Happy

Posted by dennis on 05-15-2012 at09:06:


Dennis Rich
I think it's time for a new album. — with Jerry Chamberlain, Robert Watson, Terry Scott Taylor, Tim Chandler, Ed McTaggart and Gregory Flesch.
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Stel Pontikes, Ed McTaggart, John Watson and 24 others like this.

Zy Orange Lyn that...would be awesome
May 11 at 1:49pm · Unlike · 1

David J. Cervantes From your keyboard to Uncle Terry's ears.
May 11 at 2:18pm · Unlike · 3
Dennis Rich Here's hoping.
May 11 at 2:33pm · Like · 2

Zy Orange Lyn i'm keeping my fingers, toes, and even my eyes crossed, just in case it helps Wink
May 11 at 2:33pm · Unlike · 2

Ed McTaggart Count me in
May 11 at 6:00pm · Unlike · 6

Ken Loughney · Friends with Michael Roe and 3 others
Please guys make it happen. We need a new Daniel Amos album! I'm asking for an Old School "Horrendous Disc" type sound. I say have the fans of DA send in their money now so you guys can start recording. I'll send $ 25.00 right now to get it started. LOL Whatever it takes to make it happen.
Saturday at 1:09am · Like · 2

Mark Jaquette · Friends with Michael Roe and 17 others
If Terry's like Bob Dylan, he must have 100's of songs on the shelf!
Saturday at 1:10am · Unlike · 2

Ken Loughney · Friends with Michael Roe and 3 others
You know maybe I should apologize for my last post??? Sometimes we fans ask for so much.
Saturday at 6:50am · Like
Dennis Rich An over zealous D.A. fan? Perish the thought!
Saturday at 10:14am · Like

Stel Pontikes No apologies, Ken...you're right on.
Saturday at 10:52am · Unlike · 1

Dave Peterson · Friends with Stel Pontikes and 10 others
As much as I like "old school" DA back to Horrendous Disc, and I LOVE that album, I'd like to see it go a bit "older school" and go back to Shotgun Angel style.
Saturday at 10:52am · Like · 2

Stel Pontikes Or a combo of the two. If anyone could pull it off, it'd be Terry and the band.
Saturday at 10:54am · Unlike · 3

Elvicious Cash · Friends with Michael Roe and 4 others
I agree! And perhaps a bigger hat for TST.
Saturday at 11:35am · Unlike · 2

Charles Baker · Friends with Michael Roe and 24 others
I'm ready!! In fact I was just listening to MBD the other day.
Saturday at 11:40am · Unlike · 2
Dennis Rich Any style Daniel Amos wants to do will be fantastic, I'm sure. Just look at Mr. Buechner's Dream. That album runs the gamut and does so pretty effortlessly.
Saturday at 11:43am · Like · 3

Paul Foth · Friends with Jerry Chamberlain and 1 other
So, all we're asking for is Mr. Buechner's Horrendous Angel.
Saturday at 2:31pm · Unlike · 4
Dennis Rich I would like old school "Bibleland!"
Saturday at 3:03pm · Like

Dave Peterson · Friends with Stel Pontikes and 10 others
You know what Paul Forth: That sounds like a good title to a Daniel Amos album..really!
Saturday at 3:19pm · Unlike · 1

Paul Foth · Friends with Jerry Chamberlain and 1 other
It's probably been part of Terry's grand plan all along.
Saturday at 4:37pm · Unlike · 1

Tim Chandler me too ... let's rock
Saturday at 9:03pm · Unlike · 3

Terry Scott Taylor If Ed and Tim are in, what can I say? Let's do it.
21 hours ago · Unlike · 3
Dennis Rich I'm gonna have "perma-grin" all day now.
21 hours ago · Like · 1

Nato Vasquez When can I Pre-Order?!?! Do A Multiple Package Deal!
21 hours ago · Like

Jerry Chamberlain I'm game. Or is that gamy? ;-)
19 hours ago · Unlike · 2

Ken Loughney · Friends with Michael Roe and 3 others
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it! wait..thats someone else's song. Seriously..if money is an issue we fan's should start sending in our money now! Pre-order!! Come on guys let's send our money in now. P.O Box???????? Smile
17 hours ago · Like · 1

Gregory Flesch I saw this post but didn't realize it was the place to sign up for the next DA record!! I'm in!!!
11 hours ago · Unlike · 2

James Thompson · Friends with Michael Roe and 6 others
DAvengers assemble!
10 hours ago · Unlike · 2
Dennis Rich Hooray!!!
3 hours ago · Like

Posted by audiori on 05-15-2012 at10:02:


Yeah, the Neverhood thing is wrapping up I believe.. we'll be moving into putting the packaging together pretty soon. So, talk has been heading back to a DA project again. We started working out the details of the Kickstarter campaign to get that going finally.

Posted by dennis on 05-15-2012 at10:41:


Thank God!!!!

Posted by John Foxe on 05-15-2012 at12:33:



are pre-orders possibly back on the pre-table?

Posted by audiori on 05-15-2012 at12:45:


This is the Kickstarter thing we were trying to start last year.. so Preorders won't really be necessary, unless we just allow people to "reserve" a copy ahead of release. Hopefully we can completely fund it with the Kickstarter campaign.

Most likely everyone that donates will receive the album when its finished, plus whatever fun little goodies we all can come up with (thats what we're working out right now).

Posted by dennis on 05-15-2012 at12:59:


Very cool.

Posted by baxter on 05-15-2012 at18:08:


Smile Pleased Cool Cool Pleased Smile

Posted by Ritchie_az on 05-15-2012 at18:51:



Posted by audiori on 05-15-2012 at18:55:


One thing about this - we really need everyones help in getting the word out once it gets ready to launch. We of course want to announce it before the Kickstarter thing begins, but we need everyone out there that might be interested in this to know about it.. there are still a lot of people that don't check the website or the Facebook page or whatever... you guys sharing the news on facebook and emailing friends - thats the kind of thing that is going to go way beyond our regular customers, etc. If we fail to raise enough money for some reason, its going to be potentially discouraging to not only band members, but also to our potential fundraisers. If we don't make it the first time, it might be hard to even match the same amount on attempt #2. It wouldn't necessarily be the death of the project, but it'll potentially make it a lot harder.

Those of you that made the youtube videos last year - I hope you're not discouraged this time around. Things like that are a great way to catch people's attention. If you're willing and able, please do update the videos with the new info once this thing starts up. We will also hopefully have a video from Terry announcing the project and asking for help through Kickstarter. That can be shared also.

We have a website revamp in the works based around this campaign and we'll hit all of the news lists and the DA & Dogs facebook pages, etc.

Posted by Eis on 05-15-2012 at20:19:


I'll definitely spread the word far and wide. I also think a video from Uncle Terry would be a great way to "kick" things off.

Don't be afraid to do fun and limited donation gifts, like old signed posters or album art, mixtapes, junk from around the band members's houses, in addition to Kickstarter staples like downloads, CDs, and T-shirts. Phone calls from band members would also be a pretty cool and fairly inexpensive donation gift to fill. Just throwing ideas out there...

Posted by audiori on 05-15-2012 at21:12:


Thank you. We definitely welcome any ideas on those gifts... keep em coming.

Posted by Ritchie_az on 05-16-2012 at00:04:


The youtube videos were fun. I'll have to think of some new ideas....

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