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Posted by pegotico on 10-26-2009 at18:44:

  DA - Mr. Buechner's Dream

sorry i had to erase the first review as after putting it I realize it was already posted

found this review on amazon by unknown author but its worth reading it!!

In order for an allusion (a deliberate reference within a piece of writing) to work, it must be clever enough for those "in the know" to appreciate but not distracting enough to block the enjoyment of those who simply don't "get" the connection. Legendary song-writer Terry Scott Taylor and his recently reenergized band Daniel Amos teeter bravely on the edge of an allusive fence with their latest release, an impressive 33-song, double-disc set, Mr. Buechner's Dream.

After producing more than 15 albums over 25 years, and after a seven-year absence, many may have concluded that Daniel Amos reached the point where they had no more to say, no more to add to an already remarkable career. But the boys are back, and they are as ingenious as ever.

Taylor, a true wordsmith, seems to be surfing at the crest of his wit with the endless string of head-nodding, laugh-to-yourself lyrics penned for this latest project (check out the line, "She's a bad dream / Like an adams apple / On a beauty queen" from "She's a Hard Drink"); however, at first listen, some (especially younger) listeners who are unfamiliar with DA's eccentric melodies and literary lyrics might wrinkle their forehead and shrug off the music as that generated by a bunch of "old guys." The added complication of centering the songs around Mr. Buechner--an actual Pulitzer Prize nominated author and Presbyterian minister, yet unknown to many--could serve to deter many from giving Mr. Buechner's Dream a chance. Taylor himself recognizes that Daniel Amos' music may not be instantly accessible to all. In "This Skin," he pleads his case: "I'm dreaming in and breathing in / The metaphoric air / Designed to get your faith in motion / Or this could grow on you (my friend) / Might not knock you down / Or drag you in / But it's a place I can begin / To get under your antenna and your / Thick skin."

With touching ballads ("My Beautiful Martyr"), striking musical experiments ("Rice Paper Wings"), and well-crafted songs reminiscent of The Beatles ("The Staggering Gods"), Rolling Stones ("Fingertips" and the Beach Boys ("I Get To Wondering"), Mr. Buechner's Dream is an uninterrupted string of radiant rock consciousness. The inclusion of brilliant Bible-based tales--"Joel (from Joel, Chapter 2)," "Pretty Little Lies (A Song of Eve)," "Pregnant Pause (A Song for Abraham and Sarah)," "Steal Away (A Song of the Flood)," "Over Her Shoulder (A Song for Lot's Wife," "A Little Grace (A Song of Job),"--pushes this generous offering of songs from Daniel Amos into the "Instant Classic" category.

For an inexperienced Daniel Amos listener, trust Terry Scott Taylor when he sings, "This Is The One."

Posted by Ritchie_az on 10-26-2009 at18:59:


"you get more music for your money on Mr. Buechner's Dream than your usual WoW compilation."

That's like saying: "USDA Select Prime Rib tastes better than your usual 70/30 Food City-brand ground beef."

Edit: The above was in response to the first review that was later taken down.

Thanks for sharing, pegotico. Cool

Posted by audiori on 09-06-2010 at22:14:


This one needs some reviews also...


Posted by pegotico on 09-09-2010 at12:32:


Originally posted by audiori
This one needs some reviews also...


done Big Grin

Posted by Ron E on 08-02-2014 at14:43:


I just read on ebay that there was a re-release of this on Retroactive Records...what's that and was that announced? It says its updated, etc.

Posted by audiori on 08-02-2014 at15:34:


Yes, this was a joint release through Retroactive and Stunt and came out for the DA tour back in 2011. It was overshadowed a bit by the Deluxe Shotgun Angel. The digipak reissue of the first album came out then as well.

The Deluxe Buechner's includes "Nowhere is Someplace" and an expanded booklet with complete lyrics.

Posted by audiori on 08-02-2014 at15:38:


Ron... you actually helped with it in the following thread...

Buechners Help

.. and your name is even in the credits.


I also sent a copy your way. Did you not receive it?

Posted by Ron E on 08-02-2014 at16:21:


um...no! Smile and I've forgotten apparently!

Posted by Ron E on 08-02-2014 at16:26:


Now I remember doing that. That was fun to reminisce on. maybe when I order something else, I can remind you and you can throw it in then. No hurry and no harm.

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