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Posted by Lost Canine on 12-30-2007 at22:57:

  Startin' Monday

I preached out of Matthew 2:13-23 today, the story of the flight to Egypt. I called it The Amazing Race. I then challenged our people to enter the race in 2008. Things were tough for the young Christ and his family. Joseph and Mary met the challenge, did not put things off, and dealt with the dark side of Christmas, Herod.

I then closed the service by playing Startin' Monday. I talked about not putting things off for a "resolution," but living life daily in the race.

I had more questions about the song than I did my sermon! Two people were visiting from the mainland. They have lost extreme amounts of weight over the years (hundreds of pounds). The lady wanted all of the information of where to get the song. She indicated that she was going to try to use in in the weight loss clinic she runs. I passed all Audiori information on to her. I just thought it was cool.

We are a small congregation, 82 in attendance today. A man came up and said, "I saw Daniel Amos and Randy Stonehill in concert at my college. I didn't know Terry Taylor was still making music." He took down the information too.

Just some lost comments from a lurker.

Posted by audiori on 12-30-2007 at23:08:

Thumb Up!


Good comments lurker.

Posted by dennis on 12-31-2007 at07:24:

Thumb Up! A big howdy and

Hello Monty!

Posted by Mountain Fan on 01-04-2008 at03:18:


Hey! Cool story! Cool

Posted by brother joel on 01-04-2008 at10:51:


I have often preached using phrases or songs from Terry. He gives some great insight into my sermon creation. This reminds me of a book project I would like to edit someday--sermons inspired by the songs of Terry Scott Taylor. If anyone wants to contribute to such a project let me know. Maybe it is time to start exploring this tribute to the inspirations given by Terry.

Posted by jiminy on 01-04-2008 at12:16:


its a great song.

I first stole it the Sunday after the first time I saw Terry (the AF tour with Phil M)

and have sung it more than a few times since. its a great all around tune for a mixed (non churchie) audience.

One person commented on its "dated" feel- in that Terry mentions "rewinding the tape".....in 10 more years no one will know what that meant.

Posted by jiminy on 01-04-2008 at12:16:



and HEY MONTY!!!!!!!!!

Posted by revrogers on 01-19-2008 at20:59:


Several years back I preached a sermon titled "When Everyone Wore Hats"

The congregation was primarily made up of those of the WWII generation.

I'll need to explore my files to find what the sermon points were.

David Rogers

Posted by Captain Pedantic on 01-19-2008 at21:24:


I did one based upon Staggering Gods once.

Posted by Eis on 01-19-2008 at22:45:


If I get the youth pastor job I'm applying for, I promise to use some Terry Taylor in my teaching. Then I can contribute to this sermon book project.

Posted by dennis on 01-20-2008 at01:30:


Originally posted by jiminy

One person commented on its "dated" feel- in that Terry mentions "rewinding the tape".....in 10 more years no one will know what that meant.

I always think "reel to reel" tape, so I'm really outdated! Shocked

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