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Posted by RocketPacks on 07-26-2007 at01:02:


and saw the artwork first, saw the cd title and song titles first, chatted privately with Camarillo, and heard more updates than everyone else. Happy not to mention the satisfaction in knowing that you helped to make it happen.

Posted by Lur King on 07-26-2007 at08:03:


Originally posted by RocketPacks
We got a lot more than free shipping. Roll Eyes

I gave MoRe than Jiminy Pleased

I PaiD for my Shipping Big Grin

so, I feel, well... Don't Ask Me How I Feel Shocked

Posted by jiminy on 07-26-2007 at08:06:


welll- I'll confess that makes one feel good~
I think of all the times I WASTE 20 dollars...
and this was invested.

me just wants to hear it..
whine whine....

I know that love is PATIENT (the first thing Paul mentions ya know)
but - I'm to the age where every minute counts!

thanks for the perspective....

Posted by bein heinni on 10-26-2009 at15:39:


Quit living life in a cardboard box and get your very own mansion!

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