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Posted by MarkyMark77 on 07-20-2007 at14:30:


It's funny in the same way the movie "Brazil" is "funny."

Yeah, the humor colors the narrative, but is not the narrative. It's really more like ironical humor, where the life situation has a juxtaposition of something very different from the way it's supposed to be. Unlike Weird Al, where the humor itself is the point, Terry's songs are commentaries on the human condition, and the spiritual side of that condition, as opposed to just humor for humor's sake.

It's the difference between saying, "That cat is funny looking" and "I wonder why that cat is funny looking".

Terry Gilliam is my favorite director, BTW...

Posted by jiminy on 07-20-2007 at14:52:



well - I think thats why its being compared in similarity to a Dylan technique
like say.....Subterranean Homesick blues
humorously clever lines..but the subject matter is actually quite sad..and true

Look out kid
They keep it all hid
Better jump down a manhole
Light yourself a candle
Don't wear sandals
Try to avoid the scandals
Don't wanna be a bum
You better chew gum
The pump don't work
'Cause the vandals took the handles

Posted by achentodaze on 07-20-2007 at16:01:


I think Cardboard Box comes from a metaphorically semi-autobiographical look by Terry at aspects of his own life - its a love song to his wife that essentially says "I don't have the world to offer, only my love".

I think (Only One Bum in) Corona del Mar is very similar. Put Terry in as the Bum and the whole song takes on an interesting meaning. I think the key line in that song is "and some of us think he may be the richest man who ever lived in Corona Del Mar"; and that would probably apply to Terry very well - in the sense that he posseses more important things in life than monetary riches.

In both songs, like a lot of Terry's lyrics, he is able to make a universal statement out of a seemingly much smaller and unrelated situation.

Posted by ladrtrk55 on 07-20-2007 at16:49:


My impression is Terry takes the ordinary and opens a vista for the rest of us to take in anyway that fills our imagination.

Mind you, there are temporary cardboard box dwellers and there are permanent cardboard box dwellers.
The temporary dwellers still hold the hope that someday, someway, they will get throught this 'transition' and that blue skies are still visable to them.
The permanent dwellers? Not so much. Too few lucid moments only fall to continuous anesthetization or dementia, lest they be reminded of their station in life.

Terry, at least in my one time listening, is attempting to insert himself in someone else's shoes, and thereby humanizing an inhuman way of life.

Terry, ever the sublime, taking us from the scathing to the lament and also to the comedy, giving us all pause to use a portion of the 10% of the grey matter we're supposed to be using.

Posted by Audiori J on 07-20-2007 at18:33:


I see "Giants In The Land" from that perspective. The Christian bands used to be giants in that little subculture but now if you want to raise them up you 'gotta give em a hand'. Pull the dinosaurs out of the old tar pits. A boat load of songs but never a hit, the little farmer is outstanding in the field that did him in. All they wanted was a tour and a rental van. Playing bad burro licks while losing their looks. Mortality.

Posted by Mountain Fan on 07-21-2007 at04:31:


from my show review post

THIS WAS THE FIRST NIGHT OF THE TOUR THAT THEY HAD THE NEW SWIRLING EDDIES DISC FOR SALE! Pleased We went ahead and bought one so we could get it signed in person, even though we preordered. I was much more impressed with the overall finished product than I thought I would be based on the 2 rough mixes that I heard. I even dig the Cardboard Box song with the xylophone a little now. Overall it is different than past SE releases but I think lyrically still a definite Eddies' thing. Musically I think it leans more towards Terry's solo efforts over the years than anything else SE I have heard. The songs are a variety of styles and speeds musically, so there's probably at least a few tracks every fan could really dig regardless of their favorite past music from Terry/DA/SE.

Posted by Audiori J on 07-21-2007 at07:22:


NICE! Glad they got em, the manufacturer is a fan and tries to overnight stuff to them on tour when there is something new. We won't have them until Monday, I hope thery look good and sound real good. Everytime we send something off to manufacture, we collectively hold our breath until we see it and play it.

Posted by Mountain Fan on 07-22-2007 at23:19:


The more I listen to this, the more I think it really sounds like the Eddies. Terry's vocals really sound like Camarillo. Mike did a great job on guitar and upon a closer listen, the guitar parts do sound different overall than the Dogs. I think what caught me off guard is overall the tempo is a little slower than what I expected. However, It All Depends starts out slow but then rocks out. I think it is my favorite and I'm soooo glad it is the one they played the night we saw the Dogs. Pleased

And, ... well, ... I never would have quite expected this but it includes a Wacky Fan letter of sorts, ... sort-of in reverse. Don't want to quite spoil the surprise, but ya DAmbers (and former DAmbers) just wait. Not sure what emoticon to follow that with. Is there one for "everything"?

As far as the packaging, I do wish it came in an normal jewel case, but the booklet is quite nice and overall cool eddies-like graphics.

Posted by Mountain Fan on 07-23-2007 at11:11:


OK, so listening with headphones most of the first half is slow, then the second half rocks pretty good.

Like I said before, there should be something every fan of any part of Terry (DA, SE, solo, Lost Dogs) would like on this release.

Posted by Mountain Fan on 07-23-2007 at15:32:


the finished product rocks and I feel it is a solid eddies release. i'm glad we even got another eddies release in the first place - that is certainly something to be thankful for. at best i can only nit-pick at the xylophone or whatever minor things are really just more personal preferences of mine than anything. Red Face Big Grin

i burned a copy to take to listen to at work, along with some of my other favorite SE tracks off of other CDs. I am amazed at Terry's vocals on this thing still being in top form and quite comparable to the much earlier SE stuff. Pleased

Posted by Mountain Fan on 07-24-2007 at15:28:


so far, I think Zoom Daddy is overall better than TMTSTM. but that I would even be considering such a question should say how good the new SE is. Pleased

I think that the Lost Dogs' "Only One Bum In Corona Del Mar" and especially "Get Me Ready" sounds more Eddies-like.

Don't hear anything on this SE that sounds Dogs-like, though. It's quite the solid piece of work. Pleased

Posted by jiminy on 07-25-2007 at13:49:


having pre-ordered it,
I havent had the oppurtunity to hear it yet.

Having paid $ 5.00 more for it two years ago- I will get fre shipping though.

Posted by Lur King on 07-25-2007 at14:10:


Originally posted by Mountain Fan
I think that the Lost Dogs' "Only One Bum In Corona Del Mar"
and especially "Get Me Ready" sounds more Eddies-like.


Posted by Lur King on 07-25-2007 at14:11:


Originally posted by Mountain Fan
piece of work. Pleased

piece of - what! Shocked

Posted by jollyholiday on 07-25-2007 at15:36:


Originally posted by jiminy
having pre-ordered it,
I havent had the oppurtunity to hear it yet.

Having paid $ 5.00 more for it two years ago- I will get fre shipping though.

Congratulations on the free shipping jiminy!

Posted by RocketPacks on 07-25-2007 at15:37:


We got a lot more than free shipping. Roll Eyes

Posted by audiori on 07-25-2007 at15:54:


The number of people that got it before the preorders shipped couldn't have been very large.. the Dogs didn't even have that many copies with them. The preorderers will still be way ahead of the general public.

Posted by snowblind on 07-25-2007 at17:16:


Originally posted by audiori
The preorderers will still be way ahead of the general public.

I remember General Public, but I'm having a hard time remembering The Preorderers. Were they anything like The Producers?

Posted by joey on 07-25-2007 at17:23:


Roll Eyes

Posted by jiminy on 07-25-2007 at22:16:


Originally posted by RocketPacks
We got a lot more than free shipping. Roll Eyes

Yeah- but actually -should it come - Big Grin I've already paid the same as if I ordered it today-at 15.00 plus shipping (aint checked the exact total..but me thinks its close)
thats why my free (fre) was a bit short..........

I have heard 2 songs.....though.

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