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Posted by Dr Rich on 04-07-2008 at07:11:


It's pretty great. Pleased

Posted by Dr Rich on 06-08-2008 at05:42:


Originally posted by minutia
So what is with the easter egg clip? Confused It repulses me, yet I cannot look away.

Tongue LOL! Tongue

Posted by Dr Rich on 08-10-2008 at02:04:

  RE: When I'm Blowing Smoke

Originally posted by jyroflux

I miss jyroflux and his big pics! Frown

Posted by audiori on 10-11-2008 at13:55:


Would anyone be interested in creating a trailer for "Instruction Through Film?"

If so, we would have a couple of guidelines for you to work with, but other than that - anything goes pretty much - as long as it looks cool. We'd like to have something up on YouTube but don't really have time to put it together at the moment. We could actually use more than one if several wanted to do it... feel free to add a credit for yourself at the end as being the person that created the trailer. It would also need to let folks know where to go to buy the DVD. Happy

Let us know.

Posted by Ron E on 10-13-2008 at11:58:



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