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Posted by Jimmy Brown on 06-26-2017 at07:20:



Amazing how little it has changed.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 06-27-2017 at07:39:


Cool. Thank you for taking the time to get this pic.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 11-23-2017 at11:13:


I got the latest Kickstarter update this week. It sounds like we're a step closer to getting our goods! I'm excited. I've only heard this album once in my life; a girl I knew in college had it on LP.

Posted by Audiori J on 11-23-2017 at11:52:


This will be like nothing ever reissued before. It will definately be worth the wait.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 11-26-2017 at15:11:


Glad to hear it! I was starting to think you guys flew off with the dough to Java. *

*The lepers get NOTHING.

Posted by wayneb on 11-26-2017 at23:00:


Isn't Java that big fat slug from....no! Wrong name.

It's a weird programming language?

It's French for where Haile Selassie went?

Oh. It's a place. Where the Audioris have taken my Kickstarter money. Well, that's fine with me. Have a good time there boys. My uncle Hannibal lives near there.

Posted by sondance on 11-27-2017 at22:01:


does this mean i finally get my secret decoder ring uncle terry promised me back in '79 when he told me, "son you look like you need a secret decoder ring. i think i can help you out if you'll just take this bag of freshly printed hundred dollar bills over to the drug store there and ask for a guy named Louie Louie. when he comes out hand him the bag and do what he tells you." so i did and i've been waiting for my ring ever since.


Oh! Mr. Louie told me to go to this place called Solid Rock Records and tell a certain Norman Norman, "we got the dough, hand over the vinyl." So I did. I figured it was some luxury vinyl flooring for a mansion or something. Ever heard of it?

Posted by jyroflux on 11-28-2017 at11:45:


Don’t know if this was mentioned elsewhere on the board, but I came across this today:

Horrendous Disc

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 11-28-2017 at12:41:


Thanks, jyroflux, for pointing that out. It was interesting.

Posted by audiori on 11-28-2017 at18:16:


It’s actually almost entirely taken from the timeline.... which will soon be updated and corrected. The story is being told in more detail and accuracy than ever before in the photo book we’re doing for the deluxe horrendous disc. It’ll be worth picking up for those of you that didn’t get one of those tiers.there is a lot of new info that I haven’t heard anywhere before. We’ve also done our best to piece together how the album became the album we know.

Posted by sondance on 11-28-2017 at18:36:


sounds yummy!

Posted by wayneb on 11-29-2017 at03:54:


Can't wait! But I have to.....

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 11-29-2017 at09:03:


Not sure where to drop this? It's Larry Norman information and I have a vague idea why he interfered with this album's release and may help explain some other of his erratic behavior.

I went to Jyroflux' link and went to the homepage for that blog, and found this blurb:

"Norman was reportedly injured during a plane landing at Los Angeles International Airport back in 1978. He claimed to have suffered mild brain damage and a spinal cord injury due to being hit by parts of the cabin's roof, and that this damage left him unable to complete projects and focus artistically". (about a third of the way down the page)

If he took up with DA and Horrendous Disk right after this, it might explain some of his erratic and destructive actions.

Posted by Audiori J on 11-29-2017 at09:36:


Yeah it's an interesting story.

Posted by jyroflux on 11-29-2017 at20:30:


Originally posted by audiori
The story is being told in more detail and accuracy than ever before in the photo book we’re doing for the deluxe horrendous disc. It’ll be worth picking up for those of you that didn’t get one of those tiers.

So the book will be available separately at some point? I think I need to grab one of those.

Posted by audiori on 11-29-2017 at22:44:


Yes, it'll be available separately.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 11-30-2017 at00:33:


This will be a revelation for me. I think I posted elsewhere that I am almost wholly unfamiliar with HD and haven't been a fan long enough to get it when first released. It will be for me hearing it for the first time. And properly! I did read about how the first release was just botched. I have heard several isolated tracks though.

Posted by Audiori J on 11-30-2017 at12:23:


Yeah Solid Rock mentioned in the blurb about the first CD release of HD that the original was taken from a copy of a copy of a master. So not only was it not the correct master, it was an inferior lower speed copy.

Posted by Audiori J on 11-30-2017 at15:36:


This is the original 2000 LN announcement of HD on CD;

We're happy to announce that the release of DANIEL AMOS' "HORRENDOUS DISC" album is coming out very soon with BONUS TRACKS and possibly on 2 CDs if everything can't be made to fit. There will be unreleased SOLID ROCK photos of the band in a luxurious presentation designed to satisfy everyone who has ever wanted the CD to be released. If you've been thinking of getting a bootleg version don't waste your money.
For years it was not possible to get out a quality release because of the condition of the tapes. You know we've had problems with a lot of the archives because the tapes needed baking. At the time we discovered the problem a convection oven cost was around $10,000 and needed a large space for what is basically a pizza oven.
The HORRENDOUS DISC is a pleasure to hear. The original Word pressings on SOLID ROCK were made from third or fourth generation copies. For some reason Word didn't wait for the master reel and made their pressings from an 8-Track sub-copy of a copy of a copy.
This HORRENDOUS DISC pressing is brilliant in sound. If Daniel Amos hasn't been appreciated as they should have been in the past twenty years, we hope that this will bring them the recognition and the accolades they deserve.
Terry Taylor is one of the smartest artists in the contemporary Christian scene. He has produced many other artists, including Randy Stonehill, and proved that he is capable of interpreting more than alternative music.
As Lewis Carroll said: Hooray, hooray, callooh, callay.
Save your pennies for one of the cornerstone albums of the last thirty
Larry and Kerry and the Solid Rock Circle.
Larry Norman

Posted by jyroflux on 12-01-2017 at10:55:


I didn’t get the original CD version for whatever reason, but I did get the horrific 2nd version. I think it was labeled Historical Album Series or something. The sound is so bad I filed it away after a couple of plays.

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