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Posted by PuP on 10-10-2019 at14:13:


Originally posted by Jimmy Brown
Whereas for me, MP3s on cheap earbuds sound better than the cassettes I lovingly collected in the '80s.


Posted by joey on 10-10-2019 at19:08:


Originally posted by PuP
Originally posted by Jimmy Brown
Whereas for me, MP3s on cheap earbuds sound better than the cassettes I lovingly collected in the '80s.


mainly how i listen to music nowadays, so +2..

Posted by Audiori J on 10-11-2019 at12:18:


Yeah I think (my opinion) what sounds better to different people has a lot to do with opinion laced with nostalgia. I've never been one of those people that bought the analogue is better than digital thing. I get what they are saying in that digital has a limit to it's audible range and analogue has in the least a much wider range. The problem is the human ear also has a limit and it's less than the digital limits. So sometimes our biases can fool us.

I basically see it this way (assuming a high quality source recording):


Some people argue CDRs are worse than pressed CDs, but pressed CDs are taken from CDR masters typically so they shouldn't be better than their source. If anything it would seem CDs would only be as good as the CDR source even considering the potential for being better. I remember having a discussion with some people about a "surround sound" mastered DVD that was taken from a VHS or High8 tape of a concert. How "surround sound" can it actually be without being able to actually mix the audio? At best it's a fake "Surround Sound" of a 2 track recording.
Sometimes I prefer to listen to Vinyl over an MP3 or CD but mainly because I grew up with vinyl and have a certain bias concerning the experience of Vinyl.
For a while I preferred Cassettes over Vinyl mainly because it didn't pop and was portable. But honestly they don't sound better than Vinyl. Tapes age worse with all the hiss and variable speed and warpage and whatnot. Likewise an MP3 is portable and better than a cassette, the portability makes it better than a Vinyl even though it technically sounds worse.
I had 8-tracks back in the day and they were just a big clunky clicky joke.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 10-18-2019 at14:59:


Looked high and low and finally found a good shirt model. No way was I going to wear my HD shirt!

EDIT- Did you know people collect mannequins? I went to the local Sears as it was closing and asked if they had any mannequins left. They were all gone; someone bought them all. So you can imagine there is a person somewhere with a mannequin collection. Probably wearing little hats, and sports jackets and such. They didn't have any mannequins but they did have this. Not sure what to call it? A clothing figure, maybe.

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 10-21-2019 at07:17:


A hobbitquin?

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 10-21-2019 at17:19:


Well this plastic faux person is not merely short or disfigured; she's actually missing body parts, so I would say dismemberquin or decapiquin. Smile

Posted by Jimmy Brown on 10-21-2019 at17:37:


In my defense, the pictures didn't load at work.

I'm glad you confirmed it's a female torsoquin. I thought there was quite a bow on that steamer.

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 10-22-2019 at02:26:


My lil hobby server may have been blocked or blacklisted by your browser at work. It's not secured, no way. Here I party like it's 2009.

Posted by ftg3plus4 on 12-30-2019 at07:22:


Originally posted by Audiori J
September 7, 1977:
Daniel Amos, in a session that began at 1PM, records "Happily Married Man" at MartinSound Studios in Alhambra, CA.

I just came across this, and it answers a question I've had for quite a while -- i.e., when was the track recorded and by which line-up? I always wondered why it was a bonus track on the CD release of the first album, since I was sure it wasn't recorded at that time. I guess it was just a matter of stylistic consistency...

Posted by WoaaahJelly! on 12-31-2019 at03:05:


Looks like you've been dipping in the Timeline. You can lose whole days looking at that.

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