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Posted by jiminy on 07-28-2006 at12:34:

  while were talkin "DA"

OK –
Since this a DA or DA related thread-

If you wanted to best relate ALL that DA is –and has been-
(and forever will be !!!!!IMHO)
And you could only give someone unawares
Of the works of the band..

which one would it be?
I have mine in the second half of this post..
But I wanna see if anyone draws the same conclusion.
This ONE work would have to have:

the ROCK AND ROLL- (first and most important!)
the quirkiness
the tenderness
the wincing
the Ideology
the Hipness
the timeless quality
the strangeness
the coolness
the cynicism

and well- embody what DA is trying to tell this world.

Any thoughts?

Posted by sprinklerhead on 07-28-2006 at13:09:

  RE: while were talkin "DA"


Big Grin

Posted by Dr Rich on 07-28-2006 at14:51:


Darn Floor ~ Big Bite.

The ultimate DA record! Pleased

It has all these:

the ROCK AND ROLL- (first and most important!)
the quirkiness
the tenderness
the wincing
the Ideology
the Hipness
the timeless quality
the strangeness
the coolness

Posted by peawinkel on 07-28-2006 at16:14:


Zoom Daddy............oops...........sorry.............wrong band

Posted by joey on 07-28-2006 at16:20:

RE: while were talkin "DA"

i don't like DA...
i am only here to fight! Mad

Posted by Eis on 07-28-2006 at20:19:


Finally, he admits it! Tongue

Posted by eddie p on 07-28-2006 at23:18:


Well obviously the answer is Buechner's Dream
It has every style they've ever done bar the country crap
Darn Floor doesn't quite cut it for this category anyway. Ilove the cd but I hate The Shape Of Air. A very sad end to a very great album. Buechner however has that strange stuff and it also has normal stuff going on.

Posted by jiminy on 07-29-2006 at08:33:


well - I left the second half of my post at work..
but I am going with Outdoor Elvis.

heres why- Its the quintessintial DA record.

------ Driving in England-and a host of others
the quirkiness
------ well- arthur Fardy, Dont Hate Yourself- Coco...
the tenderness
------ Blowin Smoke- Tiny Town
the wincing
------ Hide the Beer
the Ideology
------ Rubber Sky , Mystery Babylon, Urban Legends etc
the Hipness
------ Potential-its STILL a funky dance tune!
the timeless quality
------ This is NOT an 80s record- listen to it!
the strangeness
------- well-OE- PUlpit MAsters etc etc etc
the coolness
------ Cmon- it mentions surfing...TWICE!
the cynicism
------ this record bites HARD on all the church world-it STILL addresses the issues-the world view- pompousness - I mean - the title song alone is an indictment on our obsessive world- has Elvis shrunk since the 80s????and all- yet demonstrates that Love conquers, beatuifully done

and it even has a hymn in Billy Graham - with a guest performer.

I thought Buechner..but OE just has it all-
of course my opinion only.

DFBB is a GREAT record-but it is a bit more limited in scope- and has none of the silliness the Eddies (DA) are known for/

well - thats my pennyworth.

Posted by bereal on 07-31-2006 at15:39:


Sorry, Cricket, I'm going with MBD.........

never mind that I've not had the privelege to hear OE yet. Frown

Posted by peawinkel on 07-31-2006 at16:09:


Originally posted by peawinkel
Zoom Daddy............oops...........sorry.............wrong band

Since the Eddies are apparently in play, I refer back to my original answer:


Posted by bigdork.2 on 07-31-2006 at18:26:


Zoom Daddy or Outdoor Elvis

both a must have Red Face

Posted by dorfsmith on 07-31-2006 at18:56:



Posted by Eis on 07-31-2006 at19:52:



Posted by joey on 07-31-2006 at19:55:


Originally posted by Eis
Finally, he admits it! Tongue

damb straight! Mad


Posted by dorfsmith on 07-31-2006 at20:21:


Well, you have not been fighting much Mad Big Grin

Posted by jiminy on 07-31-2006 at21:15:


well - as much as I love MBD- and I do!....

except for the extra track at the end..I did not laugh out loud.
the first time I heard Pulpit Masters- or Hide the beer..I nearly peed my pants.

and Zoom Daddy is a great - focused recording..but hey- wheres the funk??

OE is downright all over the map- there is something for everyone on it.

..am I trying to make my case???

Posted by Ron E on 07-31-2006 at22:26:


Motorcycle, and I'm not even going to try to explain why, because its just so obvious!! Red Face

Posted by joey on 07-31-2006 at22:49:

Originally posted by dorfsmith
Well, you have not been fighting much Mad Big Grin

been too busy....

anyways, best 2 Da studio albums by far are dfbb and soth....
although the wewh bookset makes soth even that much better of an album than it ever was!
it wasn't my second favourite Da cd until the bookset came out..... Cool
of course i would give an arm and a leg for a dfbb bookset........ Frown Crying Confused

so fight over that! punks! Tongue Tongue Tongue



Posted by Ron E on 07-31-2006 at22:59:


What kind of fight would it be if you only have one arm and one leg?

Posted by joey on 07-31-2006 at23:37:

Big Grin

Originally posted by Ron E
What kind of fight would it be if you only have one arm and one leg?

i dunno....
but that reminded me of a comic strip i read in playboy one time...
it's clean, i promise... Big Grin
adam told God that he was bored and wanted a companion....
God said, "ok, but it will cost you an arm and a leg..."
adam said "hmmmmm... i'm not so sure about that..."
God said, "ok, how about a rib? you won't miss that..."
the next day adam awoke to eve...
and he thought she was absolutely beautiful...
but then he was suddenly hit with the thought "what would i have got if i had of given the arm and the leg??!??" Shocked Shocked Shocked


i can only .imagine on the messageboards..... Crying

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