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Posted by jeffrey k. on 07-18-2006 at12:51:

  DVD trailer now up...

For those of you maybe on the fence about the project, or maybe just want to see a bit before you buy, we now have a trailer for the DVD up on the Lo-Fidelity website....check it out on both the front page and media section of the site. The DVD is available now from both Lo-Fidelity.com and 77's.com. (Lo-Fidelity now has a regular US Mail order form for those wishing to purchase the DVD or other releases offline.)

And speaking of the website, we are pleased to announce it has been fully reworked and was relaunched yesterday evening. We love the new look...thanks to our friend Marc at Bassline-Shift (www.bassline-shift.com) and photos from Dinah Kotthoff (www.dinahphoto.com).

Some new features on the site include a media section with free MP3's from some of the older Lo-Fidelity releases, and one or two from our distribution catalog.

Check out the store as well for a few VERY limited number releases. Currently we have the following in stock:

The Lost Dogs ...Via Chicago... DVD/CD ***Our last 3 copies*** $25

Derri Daugherty - "A Few Unfinished Songs" EP ***Our 7 copies SIGNED BY DERRI*** $10

Terry Scott Taylor - "Songs For The Day After Christmas" EP ***Our last 14 copies SIGNED BY TERRY*** $10

Adam Again - "Ten Songs By Adam Again" CD ***Our last 12 copies*** $15

Be sure to check the site often for updates and news on upcoming releases. Thank you one and all for the continued support of the label and independent music.

jeffrey k.

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