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Posted by Pfiagra on 07-03-2006 at11:24:

  Where's Steve? ...still looking

So what is the story behind this "hidden" text on the new 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION?

Posted by bigdork.2 on 07-03-2006 at12:05:


"hidden" text?

Posted by servantsteve on 07-03-2006 at12:37:


I haven't gone anywhere, except in my pants from time to time and once in the toilet.

Posted by Pfiagra on 07-03-2006 at13:22:


Look on the inside right edge of the back insert behind the CDs.

Posted by sondance on 07-03-2006 at13:35:


took me awhile to find this before you posted the solution - do I get a prize?

Steve B. left DA before the second album came out. If you look at the paragraph giving thanks on Shotgun Angel you'll see "Where's Steve?" at the end.

I assume this was because he was familiar to the first generation of fans. If anyone appeared to be having a good time on stage it was always Steve... because he always was. He's the original party animal good time Charlie. Now it may be that on subsequent albums the "... still looking" was added. Perhaps someone can find that.

Rumor has it Steve was not always where he was expected to be for DA events, e.g. their audition at Maranatha. That may have contributed to the development of this piece in the DA lore.

Steve is a very loveable guy, just not the most organized. I lived with him for at least a year. We were the classic odd couple. Steve's stuff resided where it landed. Mine had a place, etc. His favorite term for me was"weird" which was probably a polite way to suggest I was an*l.

So where IS Steve?

Posted by bigdork.2 on 07-03-2006 at14:14:


Originally posted by Pfiagra
Look on the inside right edge of the back insert behind the CDs.


Posted by samson on 07-03-2006 at22:36:


I though Steve went to live with big foot and elvis Big Grin

Posted by Audiori J on 07-03-2006 at23:50:


Yeah thats a running joke in many DA albums. And yeah I think its in part do to his not showing up for things like the audition. Thats what we heard.

Posted by .backs. on 07-04-2006 at01:15:


Duh, Steve is in SLO county with me.

Posted by Mountain Fan on 07-05-2006 at12:09:


Originally posted by .backs.
Duh, Steve is in SLO county with me.

Baxters of a feather flock together? Tongue Big Grin

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