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Posted by jyroflux on 10-31-2007 at11:40:


I had Come On In on vinyl. I can only vaguely remember what the title tune sounds like, but none of the others. Getting old I guess...

Posted by Lur King on 11-01-2007 at07:56:

  RE: CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT - Come On In - 1977

Originally posted by Lur King
Originally posted by audiori

if you like Daniel Amos - Daniel Amos; check this out !!!

Sparrow’s contribution to the Christian country rock scene checks in only a step or two behind
Maranatha frontrunners like The Way, Bethlehem and Daniel Amos. . .

Come On In (Sparrow SPR-1017) 1977

personally I think it sounds like a Country "Choir" Cool - NiCe & Sweet Smile

CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT is a little to mellow & country for me,
but pretty GooD Cool

p.s. I may have to search out The Way & Bethlehem

Posted by wakachiwaka on 11-01-2007 at20:07:

  RE: CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT - Come On In - 1977

Originally posted by Lur King
p.s. I may have to search out The Way & Bethlehem

If you're not into country, you'd better skip Bethlehem - they're pretty much the "Christian Alabama" (minus all the fiddles, though. Mad ). Conversely, if - like me - you dig that kind of thing, Bethlehem's da bomb.

Posted by DrDanAmos on 04-30-2009 at01:07:


Sadly, I seem to have missed out on this. I see on the Webstore that it may come back in stock....what are the chances?

I've been combing the Internet for a used copy (or a nice new one would be awesome too)...Ebay, Alibris, Rad Rockers, CDM...but no luck so far.

Any heads up on where a guy might track a copy down?

Posted by audiori on 04-30-2009 at09:13:


We have a couple of titles that are just waiting for the budget to be open enough that we can do more printings.. DA30th and Buechner's are both on the top of the list. The hope was to have at least one of them back before Terry's tour - but its still up in the air. Other things keep popping up to change our plans. There are also some new things in the works which always take priority.

It definitely will be back at some point though.

Posted by servantsteve on 04-30-2009 at09:57:


I'm curious. MBD is relatively new- what are your plans for it? Does it need another printing, better mixing, an update? I thought it was prety high quality already.

DA30- Didn't we just do that? What else could you do with that title?

No criticism here. Just curious.

Posted by dennis on 04-30-2009 at09:59:


They are just going to print more copies for the store.
Roll Eyes

Posted by servantsteve on 04-30-2009 at10:03:

  RE: Really?

Originally posted by dennis
They are just going to print more copies for the store.
Roll Eyes
Thanks, that makes sense. I'm at home today because I can't control my temper until this medicine starts working.

Posted by Audiori J on 04-30-2009 at11:24:


Yeah, to keep titles in print we have to have a chunk o cash, sometimes that chunk of cash is better used for new material, sometimes it works out to use it to reprint something we are out of. Reprinting something though has to be carefully looked at, you don't want to spend enough to print another thousand copies of something and then sell five. With Buechners and Immaginarium and DA30th, we've reprinted several times and they probably would still sell, just not sure how quick in every case.

Posted by joey on 04-30-2009 at11:28:


sounds like another reason to consider downloads....
for the ones you already have the rights to..... Wink

Posted by audiori on 04-30-2009 at11:49:


It'll happen in one form or another but most likely as an addition to CDs.

Also - with DA30th, the main problem was that we ran out in the middle of Eddies production. All of the funds were being redirected towards Midget and we had to hold off on that title. With Buechner's, since it was done through Galaxy21, we didn't know it was running out until it was gone. We weren't really prepared for that. We were ready to reprint at one point, only to find out that the artwork was missing. Thats under control now, but we still have to get the budget issues in good shape.

One thing that is helping are the more inexpensive titles we're doing like "Swirling Mellow," "All Day Sing" and "Hodgepodge." They're less expensive for us to print and we can use them to fill in the gaps a little bit. Keep money flowing even when something larger is not ready to print. The hope is to get everything out in that form that doesn't need to be on a major reissue.

Posted by MarkyMark77 on 04-30-2009 at12:16:


Put "Darn Floor" on vinyl. Charge $50.00 a copy. Sell 100 copies. That'll fund something, right? Big Grin

Seriously, though, I wonder what a vinyl pressing of something DA would sell. Would it tank or not? With most new vinyl releases edging toward the $20 mark or more, you'd be able to charge a little more than for a CD, but would production costs and/or lack of market make it impossible to recoup costs and turn any kind of profit?

Since I'm not buying CD's for the most part any more (DA, 7's are one of the exceptions), DA vinyl releases would be something I'd buy, since I've been trying to track down 7's and DA vinyl for a little while now. Even 7 in. limited edition EP's with no printed sleeve would be cool, and save you money on production. What about an 7 in. EP of four live songs from Terry's tour? This I would buy! (But who else would? Confused )

Posted by Audiori J on 04-30-2009 at12:24:


Yeah thats the thing, with every release you may limit yourself. Terry has fans that love his early DA stuff but don't buy anything else, fans that love the DA stuff in general but don't buy the Dogs stuff, fans that love the Dogs stuff but don't buy the DA or Eddies stuff. And Immaginarium is pretty much its own entity with its own fans. You also start limiting your potential audience with the various live stuff, solo stuff, DVDs, and other odds n ends. So we try and efficiently as possible appeal to the various 'fan groups' when we can. But we pretty much never expect all of them to buy any one thing.

Posted by dennis on 04-30-2009 at13:17:


I have darn floor on vinyl.
Got it on ebay pretty cheap.

Posted by servantsteve on 04-30-2009 at13:37:


Posted by dennis on 04-30-2009 at17:12:


It's the "Frank Zappa syndrome."

Posted by Mountain Fan on 05-29-2009 at12:46:


anybody have any idea how many pre-ordered DA30th Anniversary Edition and got the 3rd disc?

will the 3rd disc be made available again in any format?

Posted by sondance on 05-29-2009 at22:44:


yeah, talk to us about that 3rd disk will you?

Posted by Mountain Fan on 05-30-2009 at09:02:


OK, I say it is ultra-rare and less than 1,000 copies were produced unless someone tells me otherwise. Tongue

Posted by Mountain Fan on 06-02-2009 at15:09:


Originally posted by dorfsmith
Originally posted by bigdork.ORG
Originally posted by dorfsmith
Listening to my copy Pleased

Hey dorfy, can you list my 4 extra copies on Ebay for me?


That bonus disk is gonna be worth some money someday Big Grin

spoken like a true ebayer! Pleased

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