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Posted by ™ on 06-13-2006 at19:29:

  Isn't it about time...

-for another Damb fan CD?


Posted by joey on 06-13-2006 at19:39:

Cool RE: Isn't it about time...

i think bd is working on a lost dogs one now....

Posted by sondance on 06-13-2006 at20:20:


'scuse my ignorance... what is a fan CD?
Sounds like a mutlibladed implement placed in your CD player to cool off?

Posted by PuP on 06-13-2006 at21:12:


Go to www.bigdork.org (and it's a bit of a shock if you go to .com instead, let me tell you), click on BDCDR and then click on either "damb it" or "More Negative Fruit".

Those are mighty fine fan CDs.

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