Lantern In The Snow

1992 Words and Music by Randy Stonehill Terry Taylor
Recorded by Randy Stonehill for his album "Wonderama" (1992)
Distant voices draw you on
To the glow of the evensong
Call you back where you belong
A prayer for you, a gift for you

Leave your burdens and your cares
By the fire there's an empty chair
And old friends are waiting there
Just for you, a gift for you

Tonight, dark night
Without a star to guide you
Sweet child, lost child come home
We will watch, we will pray
Love will light your way
Gently like a lantern in the snow

A dreamer's song whispered in your ear
And you searched through the restless years
For the prize that was always here
Just for you, a gift for you
Through the wintery veil you cried
Let your memory be your guide
To the peace and the warmth inside
Just for you, a gift for you


(Interlude - The Prodigal's Journey)