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McTaggart joined the band shortly after the release of their first album. Prior to that, McTaggart played drums for Bill Sprouse's The Road Home ("Shotgun Angel"). McTaggart has been heavily involved in designing album artwork for the band, as well as countless other artists, including LSU, Jon Gibson, The Ragamuffin Band's Rick Elias, Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner and others.

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And now, a few questions stolen from Inside the Actors Studio (who stole them from Bernard Pivot)...

What word do you love? creative
What word do you hate? shut-up
What turns you on? baseball
What turns you off? bad music
What is your favorite curse word? godfrey daniels
What profession, other than yours,
would you like to attempt?
pro golf
What profession would you least like to participate in? medical profession
What would you like to hear God say
when you arrive in heaven?
welcome good and faithful servant
What is your favorite sound or noise? violin
What is your least favorite sound or noise? car alarm

Bonus questions:
Currently Reading... John Irving's "The Forth Hand"
and Risen Magazine
Favorite Recent Movie... Open Range
Currently Listening To... Class of 69 set for OC Fair
(50's and 60's covers) / Bach's double for violin
Favorite DA/Eddies album... Kalhoun