Terry Scott Taylor

Mount Lake Terrace December 8, 2001

with Michael Roe, Theo and Aaron Sprinkle

Not All Bad (Aaron Sprinkle)
The Boy Who Stopped the World (Aaron Sprinkle)
A Friend I Had (Aaron Sprinkle)

Come As A Child (Theo)
The Father Loves The Son (Theo)
Jesus Bless My Little Angel Boy (Theo)

Blue Sky (Mike Roe)
Smokescreen (Mike Roe)
Related/ Genuine (Mike Roe)
Go With God, But Go / MT (Mike Roe)
Who'll Stop The Rain? (Mike Roe)
Kites Without Strings (Mike Roe)
The Wall of Heaven (Mike Roe)
Mr Tamborine Man / The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes and the Pride of Life (Mike Roe)

If You Want To
Buffalo Hills
Startin Monday
Pie Hole
With What I Should Have Said
Capistrano Beach
Pretend I'm Elvis (For Just One Night)
Papa Danced on Olvera Street
Angels Must Smile Like That
Ten Gallon Hat
You Lay Down

Wild Ride (with Roe)
Bullet Train (with Roe)
Free Drinks and a Dream (A Vegas Story) (with Roe)
Eleanor, It's Raining Now (with Roe)
Built For Glory, Made to Last (with Roe)
Amber Waves Goodbye (with Roe)
In the Distance (with Roe)

Little Drummer Boy (all)
Silent Night (all)
Joel (all)

Let's Spin (all)
I Am A Pilgrim (all)
And So It Goes (all)