Terry Scott Taylor & Michael Roe

Moses Lake, WA July 28, 2001
The Moses Lake Convention Center

Pretend I'm Elvis
If You Want To
Buffalo Hills
Startin' Monday (w/ Mike Roe)
Pie Hole
Capistrano Beach
With What I Should Have Said
Papa Danced On Olvera Street
Angels Must Smile Like That
Ten Gallon Hat
And So It Goes
You Lay Down

Blue Sky (Mike Roe)
Genuine (Mike Roe)
Related (Mike Roe)
One More Time (Mike Roe)
Go With God, But Go (Mike Roe)
Lovely Man (Mike Roe)
Rocks In Your Head (Mike Roe)
Medley- (Mike Roe)
- Indian Winter
- The Jig Is Up
- The Best I Have
- Sevens
Blue All Over (Mike Roe)
Caught In An Unguarded Moment (Mike Roe)

Bullet Train (with Mike Roe)
Certain Love (with Mike Roe)
Eleanore It's Raining Now (with Mike Roe)
In The Distance (with Mike Roe)
Three Legged Dog (with Mike Roe)
I Luv Rap Music (with Mike Roe)
Let's Spin (with Mike Roe)
Golden Dreams (with Mike Roe)
Why Is The Devil Red? (with Mike Roe)
Joel (with Mike Roe)