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Daniel Amos

Songs of the Heart

CCM Magazine November 1995
by Bruce A. Brown

Songs of the Heart is ostensibly a "concept album," the story of Bud and Irma Akendorf (the elderly couple pictured on the front cover). The back cover liner notes purport to tell Bud and Irma's story, as they reminisce about how they met, while on their first vacation after Bud's retirement. The songs outline the various adventures the Akendorfs have on their vacation with liner note exposition neatly tying the tracks together.

But, however tongue-in-cheek the storyline may be, the songs are no joke. An inspired version of the pop classic "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" leads off the disc; it is, of course, about Bud and Irma's courtship. Naturally, quirkier fare follows, such as "Uneasy Lies the Head of the Confidence Man" and " Donna Nietzsche and her Super-Race of Kick-Boxing †ber Parrots." When you look beyond the nonsensical nature of such titles and into the lyrics, you realize Terry Taylor is just revisiting one of his favorite themes-the "flim flam" aspects of modern religion. As Bud and Irma look back to simpler days, "When Everyone Wore Hats," Bud senses that he's being called home to heaven. "My Hand to God," the uncharacteristically sentimental closer, finds Bud promising to wait for his beloved "beyond the dark gate." Though Taylor has lost a bit of his vocal range, Songs of the Heart never lacks in lyrical imagination or musical execution.