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Daniel Amos

Daniel Amos

Fan Reviews

from the DA message board, DADL and other sources

Wow, I don't know how else to say it ....again wow. I just received the 30th Anniversary edition, JLB and I was blown away. The sound quality is great the songs were great. It was a long wait but I am glad that a high quality product was the outcome. I know that DA always produces great stuff but being that technology has changed over the years I thought that some of the older songs and interviews would be a bit on the fuzzy side but it sounded great. Thanks Terry, Jerry, Marty, Steve for the 30th as well as Greg, Ed and Tim for all the great years of DA. God bless you and again, thanks for the your bringing a joyful noise to my ears and sharing Christ in a UNIQUE way. - Denis, Whitesboro, NY

I got mine yesterday. I listened to all 3 discs this morn. Very pleased. great resource & nice Sat morn music (when one's not watching CatScratch, of course) - Peawinkle, DAmb

The sound was much cleaner than I thought it would be. You know, the last time I heard this album was my parents cassette when I was a kid. Brought back memories. Yes! Meal was completely different. Very interesting evolution of that song. - Dorfsmith, DAmb

I got mine yesterday! What a surprise it was... I must say, however, that it looks and sounds wayyyyy better than I expected or imagined it could. The bonus preorder disc is really good, too. WELL WORTH THE WAIT! - Bjorn

Just got the package today and ran once through the three CD set. To say the least, impressive, very, very well done. So many lost (if not completely polished) gems. Also interesting to see how some of the songs we do know developed from the early years. And thanks for the bonus CD. The packaging and artwork are also first-rate. This one was worth the wait. Thanks to everyone involved for this gift. - John

I got mine today and it looks and sounds great. Thanks to all involved! - Rob

>Lur King wrote: WOW this is a great set. looks great sounds great Thank You - Lur King, DAmb

I love it! Wow! That's the best reissue for these guys yet! - Tony

It is interesting to hear many early recordings of terry in his various groups prior to and after the formation of Daniel Amos, as heard in 2nd and the 3rd (bonus) cds, l am pleasantly surprised to hear so many demos and unreleased material that is of such a high standard... Super songs of lovely melodies and great song writing as is the renowned of Terry's gift, simple expressions of faith in Christ. - Rob